Character Bio’s

Blog badge 2Character Bio:

Name: Yasmine Phillips

Birthdate/Astrological Sign:  April 3rd, Aries

Age: 28

Height:  5’ 6”

Weight: 125  lbs.

Race: African-American/Caucasian


Manager of the second location of The Phillips Family Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Her Story:

Yasmine is a complicated woman.  She’s confident in her sexuality and looks, and on the outside,  appears in complete control of everything in her life. Her ability to manage and plan is appreciated by those around her. Her family looks to her to run one of their hotels, while her friends look to her for advice and support.

But on the inside, she’s hurting.

Being the daughter of an interracial marriage has been a blessing and a curse.  She’s learned from an early age how hurtful people, even her own extended family, can be. Instead of dwelling on the negative events in her past, she uses her good looks and personality to her advantage.

When her best friends, Ebony Campbell and Kaitlyn Rodgers, find love that leads to the appearance of forever, she realizes her continued friends-with-benefits way of dating is getting old.  When the man she’s been spending the most time with asks for her hand in marriage,  she jumps on board, ready to settle down.

Her happiness dissolves in less than four hours when she learns the devastating truth about her fiance.  For the second time in her life, Yasmine discovers she is incapable of finding real love.

Unwilling to trust her heart again, she puts everything into building a business around what makes her the happiest: fashion.

After watching her parents work hard to see their dream business open, she has no doubt she can do the same.  All she has to do is plan.

A computer crash brings her face-to-face with Zachariah Givens, the computer tech whose crossed her path a few months before.  Though he isn’t her type – not that it matters since she isn’t looking for love – it’s not long before a friendship begins. When  their friendship turns into more, Yasmine must decide: fall back into her old relationship pattern, or risk losing herself to love again.


Yasmine’s Diary     Prologue and Chapter One


Blog badge 2Name:   Zachariah Givens

Birthdate/Sign:  May 2nd/ Taurus

Age: 32

Race: African-American

Height: 5’ 9”

Weight : 195 lbs.

Profession:   Assistant Manager of Sal-U-Tek, a computer store

His Story:

There are two things that take precedence in Zachariah’s life: his mother’s health, and his job.

For the past year, his focus has been caring for his mother, a breast cancer survivor.  Since the death of his father when he was young, there has been no one for either of them to rely on; the rest of his family live hundreds of miles away.

The moment Yasmine walks into his store raising hell and demanding he fulfill her needs, he remembers her. Their paths crossed once before and her attitude then left a sour taste in his mouth. He immediately assumes he knows her type: the same kind of high-maintenance woman who’d demand all his time and money.  He’d been there and done that with his ex-fiancee, a woman he loved…until she left him when he needed her the most.

Yet, something about Yasmine Phillips makes it impossible to ignore his attraction whenever she’s near.

Determined not to act on his feelings, he agrees with her decision to avoid becoming anything more than friends. After love walked away from him once, why risk being hurt again?

But, the more his mother points out the need for him to find a woman to share his life with, the more he discovers what truly lies beneath Yasmine’s take no shit attitude: a woman who wants to love and be loved. He knows without a doubt he can give her what she needs.

But, could wanting more be worth the risk of pushing her away and losing it all?


  From the Desk of Zachariah Givens

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