From the Desktop of Zachariah Givens

From the Desktop of Zachariah Givens

November 4th


I completed my last job as a technician today. It’s hard to believe that starting Monday, my job title will be Store Manager. More money, better insurance, employees looking to me for directions…all great accept for one thing. I’m going to be stuck at the store. I’m not exactly a people person. I love my job, love putting smiles of satisfaction of customer faces when I fix their laptops and computers or explain to them exactly what a giga bit is. What I’m not looking forward to is being stuck in one location all day. The confines of the manager’s office are stifling. I’d rather have the freedom of making service calls.

Then again, after an evening like this one, maybe private service calls were best left alone.

Today I met a woman who stirred something in me, a feeling I figured was dead and buried. She had eyes the color of steal and skin the color of coffee-with-too-much-cream. When I stepped into her office she was on the phone. Our eyes met and for a moment I was speechless. At least until the words ‘computer geek’ came from those full lips. If talking about me were not enough, she followed up with an ‘I love you’.  She then flirted with me, flaunting her perfumed skin across the room when she sat in a chair and her skirt rose levels higher than should be legal in the work place. When I didn’t give her the attention she obviously wanted, she got an attitude. What is it about women who know they look good? Why do they feel men are supposed to stare them up and down like dogs in heat? Why can’t I treat you like a lady while admiring everything about you? A woman’s brain is just as sexy as her body. I like my women to be intelligent, not arm candy.

Why the hell am I even thinking this way? I’m done with women. Melissa was it. My ex has set the standard for everything I don’t want in a woman.

I’m pretty sure there will never be a woman whole fit the bill for what I want. For what I need.  And right now, I don’t need a damn thing.



From the Desktop of Zachariah Givens




March 2nd

I checked in on my mom today. It’s hard to believe her 60th birthday is coming up soon. She’s been throwing out hints about what she wants, but I want to do something different. Sure I’ll get flowers, but I want to give her something that doesn’t die, something that can’t be lost or damaged. I want my mother to have something that stays with her for a lifetime.

Lifetime. Words most people seem to take for granted until their life is threatened.

My mother has gone through a lot during her life. Not all of it has been full of grief. There have been moments of happiness and joy, too. I want this birthday to be remembered as one willed with happiness, laughter, and hope.

Come on somebody…inspire me. I need the help!



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