Character Bio’s

Blog badge 2Name: Ebony Campbell

Birthday/Sign: March 4th/Pisces

Age: 26

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Race: African American

Profession: Currently attending school to get her D.V.M degree. She works as an intern at the Los Angles Zoo, and part time at a local exotic animal hospital.

Her Story:

For the past seven years, Ebony, a career minded woman, has focused on nothing else but her career. Her Biology degree in hand, she is months away from starting her final year in college. During her school career,  thoughts of love and romance remained on the back burner.

 Not one to do well with dares, she gives in and puts her books away for the night to hang out with her roommates, Yasmine Phillips and Kaitlyn Rodgers. They end up at one of L.A.’s hottest night clubs. Deciding to give in and find a summer romance, Ebony scopes out the club for a man who she feels are worth her time. To her surprise, she finds one…but the man who steps up to the plate is the last man she expected.

 Never one to judge, Ebony is hesitant to acknowledge that Brian Young is genuinely interested in getting to know her. Getting involved with an interracial relationship was the last thing on her mind, even if he was fine. But Brian’s charm, wit, hard working, and supportive nature quickly draw her in and has him standing apart from any other man she’s dated.

 Just as things are looking up in her love life, her personal is in turmoil. Ebony’s mentor at the zoo threatens her chance to get the permanent position of Veterinarian Technician when she refuses to agree to keep his infidelity a secret. Then, she loses her part-time job working at the animal hospital. Her income lacking, and short the hours she’ll need to graduate, Ebony wonders if she’ll manage to make it through her final year of school.

 Ebony’s stubborn and independent nature keep her from confiding in Brian. She is determined to make her situation work, not wanting him to worry about her struggles while he’s on the road living out his dream job. Then, things get worse. Ebony finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A decision she makes changes the course of the rest of her life. Now she cares a secret that could not only destroy her chance at happiness with Brian, it will ruin the happiness of her best friend, Yasmine.


Blog badge 2Name: Brian Young

Birthday/Sign: November 4th/Scorpio

Age: 27

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 185 lbs.

Race: Caucasian

Profession:  Musician: Freelance;  Lead Bass Guitar player in the band, Diverse Nation; Entrepreneur: Has owned a lawn care business since he was fifteen.

 His Story:

Music has been a part of Brian’s life since he received a guitar for Christmas when he was seven years old. It didn’t take long to decide what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. While in school, Brian took advantage of every opportunity he had to play. While in middle school and high school, he played in both the orchestra –double bass- and the bass guitar. He played at dances, school plays, and community play houses. He attended U.C. L.A. and earned his Bachelors degree in Music.

 Not one to put all his eggs in one basket, he started a business cutting grass at the age of fifteen to pay for guitar lessons. His business expanded outside his neighborhood when he went to college. He supplemented his scholarship to take weight off of his parents. It didn’t take long for him to realize owning his own business left him time to pursue his music career. He incorporated his business and continued to make a decent living.

 Brian loves a beautiful woman with a good head on her shoulders, not matter what race. He’d given his heart to one woman before, but at the first sign of a problem, she left his heart broken. Since then, he put falling in love to the side and focused on his career. Until he met Ebony Campbell.

 His first intention was to find a way to get her in bed. When she questions his intentions and quickly puts him in his place, he begins seeing her in another light. Their racial differences don’t bother him, instead he finds  getting to know her a challenge. And he loves a challenge.

 Brian goes out of his way to build their friendship and before he knows it, he’s brought Ebony deep into his life in a way no other woman has ever been. Falling in love with Ebony has not only brought love back in his life, it’s also brought the chance of a life time. Brian is hired to go on a three month promotional tour for a well-known recording artist. With Ebony’s love and support, he goes after his dream, confident she will be waiting for him when he returns.

 Within a day of his leaving, he discovers Ebony’s been keeping her financial struggle a secret. He’s disappointed she didn’t confide in him or accept his help before he left town. He sends her money and promises to continue to do so while he’s away. But then he notices a change in her. Unable to put his finger on it, he ignores the feeling that she could be seeing someone else. Determined to make things work, Brian plans to spend a lot of time reconnecting the moment he returns.

 When he arrives home, three months later, Ebony is different. She seems unhappy, and when he questions her, she claims to be fine. Unsure of what is wrong, his worst fears are confirmed when his friend and roommate, Javan Simmons, tells him he thinks she cheated on him while he was away. Brian questions her and what he learns is beyond his wildest nightmare. Now Brian must figure out who is telling the truth, his friend of over ten years, or the woman he’s determined to marry.

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  3. I have the book but haven’t read it as of yet. But, after reading the Bio’s, it will be the next one I read.

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