Yasmine’s Diary

From the Diary of Yasmine Phillips 


March 1st

Dear Diary,

It’s been two months and I feel as though I haven’t really gone anywhere, and for once, it’s not because a man has distracted me.

Men…why even bother?

My dating experiences have been one disaster after another…and each time I lost a part of myself. Even doing the Friends-with-benefits thing came crashing down. But, that’s in the past. My future is before me and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…if I can just get there.

Ebony’s wedding is coming up soon and I pledged to her that I would give my all to make sure the event is perfect. Nearly every waking moment has been about that day. Dresses, bouquets, decorations, food…

The problem is at times I find myself choosing the things I would want at my own wedding. How many times have I had to remember the way my fiancé broke my heart?

Too many, and I don’t see the number decreasing anytime soon.

But, my decision is firm. No man will ever have my heart again. My body…..well, that remains to be seen.  For now, helping my best friend marry the man of her dreams and starting my business are all I have time to focus on.

The rest remains to be seen.



March 15th

Dear Diary,

I’m nearly done!

A little more research and a few more hours of typing up my business proposal and I’ll be ready to approach my parents. I’m sure they’ll understand the need to start my own business. Even though it has nothing to do with the hotel business, it has the ability to help out the family as well as make me happy.

After spending my twenty-eighth birthday alone, I need happy.

Now all I have to do is make sure Brandon knows what to do at work. My brother is intelligent and as capable as I am to run the family business. A few more weeks of training  and I’ll be able to focus on me.

I hate to be selfish, but sometimes, you have to be. God knows I’ve spent too much time putting my family and friends needs before mine. It has never been a problem because I love helping others. The problem is somehow I ended up sitting on the sidelines watching them get what they want while I am relegated to follow in their shadows.

Now is my time to shine.

My business. My life. My happiness.

And it’s about damn time.




Find out what happens next! Read the Prologue and Chapter One! 

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