From Book to TV, Meet the Cast of Iris Bolling’s The Heart!

For those who enjoy following the saga of JD and Tracy Harrison in The Heart Series novels written by Iris Bolling, you are in for a treat. The Heart Series is coming to television. On Saturday, February 15, 2014, on the CW-Richmond, The Heart will air it’s first episode.

iris the heart Creator and Executive Director, Iris Bolling, brought together a talented team of cast and crew to bring the characters from the award-winning novels to life. The first season is based on book one of the series, “Once You’ve touched the Heart.”o enjoy following the saga of JD and Tracy Harrison in The Heart Series novels written by Iris Bolling, you are in for a treat. The Heart Series is coming to television. On Saturday, February 15, 2014, on the CW-Richmond, The Heart will air it’s first episode.

Funding for this dream came into fruition, on a wing and a prayer with Iris investing profits from her novels and a little help from the Kickstarter program. For six weekends, (that’s right…six weekends) talented cast and crew conveged on Richmond, Virginia to film the six, one-hour long episodes of The Heart.

“I hope that my projects sparks other authors independent spirit.”- Iris Bolling



Nikkea Smithers-Producer

Seeing a wonderful project like The Heart come to live was the most gratifying part of this project. I have believed in this author and her work since day one. Knowing the heartbeat behind it had me excited to come to set everyday, beating the sun to do this work. I couldn’t have asked to be blessed with a greater opportunity.

As the producer, I had to sometimes wear the hat of enforcer. This meant when the cast saw me coming, if they heard me say, “can I talk to you for a minute,” they knew it was business time. We had fun on set but when it was time to work, I took the difficult messages or task and didn’t ask questions when it came time to execute.

In addition to working on seasons 2-6 of The Heart, I am also artistic director for Lyric Ave a freestyle performance group. I also manage a very talented R&B artist by the name of Dewon who can also be seen in The Heart as “Turk”. And just incase my life isn’t busy enough, throw in the eight books I’m currently writing, my exclusive jewelry line and books.


Meet the Cast

troy michel-AshleyTroy Michel as Ashley Harrison

What is one of your character most memorable scenes?

Ashley Harrison is a very colorful character. She’s fun, outgoing, and full of life. Always smiling. I think her most memorable moment is when she breaks down her walls and reveals her sensitivity and vulnerability that is masked by her personality. She shows a side that no one has ever seen before and proves that she is not just a superficial woman with a pretty face; she has layers.

 What was life like on the set?

Life on set was extraordinary.. A whirlwind! The cast really gelled and we became a family very quickly. There were always jokes and pranks. Spirits were high and laughter was abundant. Aside from the fun, we encouraged and motivated one another. We all knew that we we in on something special. With the same vision, we all wanted this project to be the best it could be and we pushed each other for greatness. I was truly inspired by the work ethic and drive of my cast mates! I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone.

 Can you share with us your next project?

My next project? Graduating college in May! Go, me! Lol .. I am actually launching a lipstick line in the spring! In addition to my work as a video journalist and radio show host, I plan to continue acting and pursuing my dreams!


richardRichard Jackson as Brian Thompson 

What is the importance of Brian’s and JD’s friendship?

Brian  and JD’s relationship is important because Brian has had JD’s back since day one. They are old friends and their bond is already established. Sometimes Brian can be a bit overbearing, but that is just the law enforcement side of him that he brings to the table. He is always skeptical of all people that come into JD’s life including Tracy. Brian will always do what is necessary to handle any people or problems that pose a threat to JD’s destiny.

 How do you see your character evolving?

Brian will evolve emotionally. He can be cold, but that’s just the nature of his work. He has taken lives and seen the worst of humanity. But, there will come a time when Brian will have to learn to trust. He will have to learn about that thing we call Love and how it will ultimately save him from a life of internal torment.

What projects do you have on the horizon?

I just wrapped a commercial for Pay pal and I will be completing a series of videos I host for Mead West Vaco. I plan on taking a trip to LA in a few weeks to visit family and take some time off before I come back to Virginia. Once I get back I’ll be focused on promoting the Heart series and gearing up for season 2.


Cruz Sherman as Douglas Hyton

cruz realHow does your character influence the plot of story?

Douglas is very loyal to his long time friend JD Harrison. He will protect JD, along with everyone in JD’s circle. Douglas is the X-factor in this story.

Was it hard for you to get into character?

No, it wasn’t. It is very uncanny regarding the way our lives parallel. It is though, Iris Bolling found me around all my life and then wrote this part for me. I believe, I it was destiny for me to play the role of Douglas Hyton.

What is next of your hit list?

I want to continue to perfect my craft, continue to be successful with my Media, Marketing and PR Firm and finally be ready when season two of “The Heart” goes into production; bringing even more persona and intrigue to the character of Douglas Hylton.

Want to learn more about The Heart? 


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#GuestPost- A Closer Look at Miss Perfect by Nicole Dunlap


African American, Mystery, drama, suspense, romance.

Their desire for perfection will be shattered

Charlene Shaw embodies perfection as a highly-acclaimed actress. Within her gilded walls of beauty, she is scrambling to save her daughter, Raven, from sins she can’t even fathom. This is her self-imposed curse for abandoning Raven as a child.

 Raven Shaw is captivatingly gorgeous but burdened by a closet of skeletons. After a rough childhood, she is finally living life. Jon, her best friend and the only man she’s ever loved, has returned to her. A stalker looms just outside of reach, blackmailing her for Jon’s fortune. She’d do anything to keep this man–even if it means turning to another… Mysterious, handsome Tyriq may have the key to erase her deepest, darkest secrets forever. Yet, this savior might threaten her mind’s rationale of “happily ever after” with Jon.



Muscles warm, lungs hallow, Raven felt light as a feather, stepping onto the stairs at the shallow end. Slowly her lids dimmed, eyes narrowed. A pique in senses alerted her to the sound of a camera flash. She turned to the glass chairs in the back corner next to the submerged pool bar.

With his suit jacket draped over the chair next to him, Jon sat comfy-like, leaning back. He’d undone the top button of his vest, tie a shrew, peering through her camera.

At the snap of a photo, Raven’s lips bunched together. “Stop taking my picture!”

He clicked another one.

“Where have you been; to a club?” Heated, she reached over and tried to grab it.

“Uh-uh, Re-Re,” he said and she got a faint scent of alcohol from his breath.

She leaned back, looking at him through a different light. “Are you drunk?”

“Sexy,” he said, peering through the lens and took another shot.

“Shut up! You went off to work at the beginning of the week. Came back and left again. Then you had the nerve to leave a sappy message about coming home tonight. Then called to say you wouldn’t. Now you’re here! That’s bull.” Hands balled into fists, she itched to claw the half smile off his face. “Uh-huh, you had plans to come home then some slut called, and you decided to stay out. What happened, your little slut had to cancel? Your hoe couldn’t make up her mind!”

He chuckled, and she reached over to slap him. It stung her hand, but he didn’t flinch.

Jon took another picture. “Give me more ‘hood girl,’ I like that.”

“You bastard!” She tried to pummel his face. This time he grabbed her wrists and pulled her in his lap, tucking her hands behind her back. Jon dominated her with hard kisses, making her delirious. Rage momentarily forgotten.

“C’mon, Re-Re, no hitting, not just yet.” He leaned his head over, away from her untamed hand. Dominating her once more, he said, “Whoa, I haven’t had this much action since your ice skating. If I knew you’d be so stingy, I would’ve had you then and there–”

“Cheating bastard!” I’m working things out for us! Trying to make sure your image stays clean and you… Biting his shoulder, she contemplated her pending self-sacrifice.

“Do you honestly think I’ve been cheating on you?” Gone was the grin. “Look me in the eyes and tell me if you actually believe I was out with another woman?”

“No,” she whispered. I want to believe the best in you.

Hand to her chin, Jon pressed it back toward him until they were less than an inch away, and she clawed her fingers into his biceps still in limbo between adoration and anger.

“As I said, it’s been a while,” he said softly, licking his lips. “Months. I thought pregnancy was supposed to–”

So what? I’m still mad.” She let her fingernails deepen. Part of her was concerned, but most of her didn’t care–she just wanted to hurt him the way she hurt while he was away. “I cooked lamb. I waited for you.”

“Is there any way you’d ever forgive me?”

She hated the drunk Jon. So cocky. Slowly, he pulled her closer, kissing her feverously as he pulled at the strings of the bikini behind her neck. She dragged his bottom lip through her teeth again and let her legs wrap around him in the chair. She wished her thighs were stronger, wanted to hold him siege. Planting kisses on the side of his mouth and down his chin, she bit him as her hands dug into the back of his neck. The bastard, versed in six different languages, whispered Italian notes that made her blood boil. The way he grabbed her behind, wanting and needing every last inch, said he was angry too.


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IMG_9924About the Author:

Nicole Dunlap holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Child Development, and a Masters Degree in Counseling from Azusa Pacific University. She works for social services. She has been self dubbed the “gumbo genre” novelist, because books shouldn’t be lightly seasoned… Her stories revolve around family and relationships, women’s issues, drizzled with drama, peppered with suspense, and finished off with aromatic notes of romance. The Shaw Family Saga pays homage to dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships, with well developed characters that readers can root for; love them, hate them, cry for, and most of all, yearn to flip through the pages to the end of that character’s journey.

If this teaser excerpt enticed you to read more about the suspense of the Shaw Fmaily Saga, please check out Feel free to email me at, Tweet me, message me on Facebook, and friend me on Goodreads.



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This Writer’s Life…Update!!!

As an author, I must say, the past few weeks have been amazing and unbelievably busy! I remember a month ago looking at my calendar and stressing trying to figure out how to manage it all without running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Did I succeed?

Well….it all got done, and successfully I might add, but I couldn’t avoid the headless chicken! 🙂

So, what happened? Oh where to begin….

IMG_0695[1]The month of July was spent doing another world wind blog hop promotions tour for my first novel, A Heart Not Easily Broken, which is nearing its first publishing birthday next month! Can you believe it? It’s almost been a year since words that I wrote were published and shared with the world! And to this day, it is still on and off of the Amazon Bestsellers list after staying there and holding it’s own for six months straight!  I am happy to have written a story that not only entertains, it captures readers emotions and leaves them wanting more! Believe me, it was not an easy feat!

I also had the privilege of hosting a Writer’s Workshop at my local library where I shared my experiences and tips on how to handle the query process without losing your mind. I got great feedback from that workshop. I also wrote a blog about it to share with those of you who were unable to attend. You’ll find it here: A Guide to Landing a Publishing Contract the ‘Write’ Way.  Be sure to read the entire post and take advantage of the downloadable handouts attached to the blog.

I also had a lot of fun with several groups I am affiliated with on Facebook! This is the part that makes writing worth the hard work! First, there was the W.R.S.R.G. (Writer’s Review and Support Resource Group) book chat which gave readers and fellow authors a chance to get to know more about me, the author. I was able to share my experiences and go into depth about why I write and what inspired The Butterfly Memoirs series, as well as offer some of my favorite writing tips.

Next came hanging out with my friends on the B.R.A.B. (Building Relationships around Books). This is a fabulous group or readers and authors. I got ‘called out’ to participate in an Author DJ Book Battle. Crazy right? But a ton of fun! I went head to head with author Loretta R. Wells as we shared songs that either inspired our book or best represented the story or characters. The twist? We didn’t get to decide which book was used and the songs had to be at least ten years old. Talk about a mental work out! I’m happy to report I won! 🙂

***And here’s something that made my year: I have been selected as a finalist in the B.R.A.B. Book Awards in the categories of Best New Author and Breakout Author! I am honored to have been nominated with the other talented people in the categories. I’d love to have your support! To cast your vote, visit this link to see the nomination form, then email it in! I’ll report back once the winners have been announced!***

The biggest event of my writing career happened last week when I was featured by the lovely organization, The Virtuous Women. LLC, as they hosted their first annual Author Workshop that was co-hosted by Barnes & Noble. It was a wonderful experience, and I had the opportunity to meet such talented and record setting authors within the community. People such as Coach William “Buck” Godfrey, who not only has an outstanding career as a football coach with an amazing championship record, he’s also assisted many of his players to see their dream of attending college and playing for the NFL. He also has a a Masters in English and has published three books. To learn more about him, visit this link where you can find more information about his career. 

I also meet Mr. Coleman R. Seward. Mr. Seward is a Chemist who worked for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and has received the highest award that position can achieve: the FDA Award of Merit. He has published over thirty scientific papers in leading national and international journals. His book, The Chemistry of Change and Growth is his memoir.

So, what is next for M.J. Kane?


I’m currently working on the third novel in The Butterfly Memoirs, Lonely Heart,  and will be announcing the publishing date in the next few months, so, stay tuned! I also have a few projects I’m holding close to the chest, but the moment I’m ready to share, believe me, your going to love it!

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Pinterest: There are four boards to chose from. There are quick links to current blog post as well as seeing what books I like or am reading. My favorite board of course is the one dedicated to The Butterfly Memoirs. Ever wondered how I ‘see’ Brian and Ebony, Yasmine and Zach, and Kaitlyn? Stop by and check it out!

Instagram: While I write the memoirs of my characters, I figured it would be fun to share my own pictorial memoir. Get instant updates of what is going on in M.J.’s World when I’m not writing, or when I am. Here’s your chance to get inside of MY head! Have fun!

Well, that’s it for now! I’ve got WORK TO DO!!!! Time is of the essence because the kids are back in school and my schedule is now written around drop offs and pick ups, making sure homework is done, and getting dinner cooked on time. So much for the days of lazy summer!

Now, if would only stop raining I would be so darn sleepy! 🙂

Happy Writing and Reading!


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My Straight Jacket Is Purple…How About Yours?

 I  love this post! It was originally written on a fly one day after posting a similar comment of Facebook in December 2011. It has since been my most read blog post. I dusted it off, updated it a little, and decided to share it again. I’m sure all authors can relate! 🙂

New Year, New Blog, New Book, New Resolutions!!

Happy New Year!!!2013-predictions

How do you like the ‘new’ M.J. Kane?????

It was time to do something different. For the past eight months I’ve hosted two different blogs, This Writer’s Life, which deals with writing, and The Butterfly Memoirs, which is specifically about my book series. Well, that just kicked my butt! Too many blogs to write, watch over, keep updated in more than one location …it was time to consolidate and make it easier to find me.

Besides, I was beginning to feel as though I was going crazy because of ‘spliting’ myself into two halfs…straight jacket anyone?

Well, not anymore! Everything will now be able to be found on this one site! Blogs on writing, my experiences, my books, interviews with authors, guest post, and features…..and there’s more to come in the months ahead. I would tell you now, but that would ruin the surprise, so stay tuned, be sure to follow and sign up for the blog alerts.

I’ve also got a new format I’m going to try:

Monday’s: (1st and 3rd)- Post on writing

(2nd and 4th)- Butterfly Memoir Posts

Tuesday’s: #TeaserTuesdays!!- Brief samples of my books, and WIP’s!

Wednesday’s: #WriterWednesday’s- Interviews with authors from a wide variety of genres, giving you a chance to find new reads!

Thursday’s/Friday’s: Guest Post: You never know who’s gonna drop by with a new release or contest!

Sunday’s: #SampleSunday- A chance to dig a little deeper into my characters/stories

And somewhere in between I’ll share the crazy stuff life throws my way!

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, here’s the fun stuff…..

My second novel will be out in a few short months!!! See the calender over there? ——>;;That’s how long you have until Jaded, Book two of The Butterfly Memoirs, will be available! As of now it is in the capable hands of my editor and getting ready for the final touches.If you’ve had a chance to read the first book, A Heart Not Easily Broken, you know all about Yasmine Phillips. She’s a sassy, bi-racial woman who knows exactly what she wants and takes doesn’t let anyone deter her from reaching her goal. Her only issue, being unable to find love. If you haven’t met her or read about her best friend, Ebony Campbell’s story, then you have to check it out! You don’t have to read A Heart Not Easily Broken first, but doing so would help you understand what Yasmine’s motivation is in her story. Check out the reviews, then buy a copy in one of the available formats today! Check back this week for #SampleSunday for the book cover reveal and blurb release!

And now…my 2012 New Years Resolutions: (I posted a few on yesterday’s blog, but decided to add a few more…)

*Exercise more!! Not to lose weight, but to keep myself in good health. One thing about being an author, you sit on your butt so much that the hours fly by before you know it!!

*Get out from behind my desk and go out to meet more people! Book signings, mini conferences…anything I can do to promote myself and my work!

*Provide encouragement and support to my writer’s group! I’ve met a wonderful group of highly motivated writer’s who are looking to reach their goals. I just hope I can do for them what others have done for me.

*Continue to learn more and perfect my writing. Like any art form, no matter how much or how long you’ve done it, you never stop learning. The day you do, that’s when your craft begins to fail.

*Continue to work with my Muse to bring my various projects to life. I’ve got a lot going on behind closed doors, and it is my goal to make each of my projects see the light of day!

So, that’s what I’ve got going on here…can’t wait to see where everything stands December 2013!

So what are your goals for 2013?