#WriterWednesday- Interview with Tia Kelly!

Welcome to another #WriterWednesday! Today I’d like to introduce you to Tia Kelly!

Welcome, Tia!

What inspired you to write?

My family has a lot of wonderful storytellers and writers in it, which probably explains why the need to write feels like something pulsing through my veins. It goes back several generations and most of the storytellers I heard about seemed to have a fondness for interesting characters and vivid details, which is what I love about writing. I guess my family’s history inspired me.

What genre do you write? Did you choose it, or did it choose you?

I write romance and contemporary fiction. I think I am still evolving as a writer, but that is what I have been writing lately. Once I spend a little more time doing this, I have a feeling my writing style and preference will get more defined as I go. I do love to read romances, which is probably something I chose to write, but writing the “real” stuff (contemporary fiction) is something that chose me.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

C-R-A-Z-Y. I write all the time, but when I am in certain phases, it is my addiction. I prefer it to sleep. I always carry a writing device (notebook, journal, laptop, etc.) everywhere I go, so I tend to write anywhere and everywhere the urge strikes.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I need specific music, good coffee and the right pen handy in case I want to manually jot something down.

Are you a pantser or plotter?

More pantser, but at some point I do start to plot. I don’t always let my characters and ideas run free. They may think they do, but I give them some structure along the way. Once I identify where the characters want to go, that is usually when I loosely outline part of the journey. I don’t get too deep into, as I love to write to see where the road leads me as I travel with the characters when I write about them.

Are your stories based on experiences based on someone you know, or are events in your own life reflected in the characters/stories you write? Can you share and example?

My stories are a little bit of everything. I used to fight it, but I realized how much life influences have inspired me. Nothing is a replica of a person, place or thing, but I have finally embraced the idea that some of my work should reflect what I see, hear and know. It’s also therapeutic when I allow that to happen. Plus, I’m an unapologetic people watcher. It puts all that I take in to good use!

Do you have any suggestions to help new authors become a better writer? If so, what are they?

I am still learning, but the one thing I do know for sure is never give up. That’s a regret no one should ever have on his or her journey. I gave up when I felt like I was not good enough and I regretted the time I didn’t write. So my advice would be to never, ever give up.

Are you self-pubbed, indie pubbed, or traditionally pubbed?


What are your current projects?

My latest novella is an interracial romance called Yours and my latest novel is The Love Sessions (contemporary fiction). I have a new novel, Playing for Love that will be released at the end of the month. It is the first novel in a four-part romantic series, Wilkersons In Love.


The Love Sessions is a contemporary novel in the Love Sessions series (featuring the novella prequels: Love’s Rebound, Give Me You and Save Me From You).

After a whirlwind courtship, Eric West and Shelby Bryan elope. When their love loses its shine, the toll it takes on their marriage leads them down a detrimental path. Secrets brought Terrence Baker and Alexis Norwood together and now secrets threaten to tear them apart. Donovan Sinclair adores his wife Mya and lives to make her happy. Until one day, the one marital vow they never imagined experiencing ends it all – death. Keri Waters arrives to the Poconos ready to pick a wedding date with her fiancé, but when she meets Nathan Garrett, she learns how it really feels to have a man love, honor and cherish her.

Eight people discover the hard way that wedding vows are meant to be more than just words while attending a premarital retreat in the Pennsylvania Poconos with therapist Dr. Savannah Harper.


About the Author:

Tia Kelly may be witty and feisty on the outside, but she is a die hard romantic that is always looking for a happy ending while rooting for the underdog. In addition to her love for writing, reading and traveling, Tia loves to kick back with a glass of wine and a good game on her television screen.

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