Let’s Talk About It!: Friends with Benefits…Can There Be More?

Friend with Benefits, cut-buddies, booty call…you name, some where someone is doing it. (Pun intended!)

Movies, books, songs, and many blog posts have tackled the subject, some with funny stories that end in true love, others end with dire circumstances. But the question remains: Can two people remain friends once they have sex?

Are there really benefits to the relationship?? Can a man and woman really walk away and find that significant other and leave their ‘friend’ behind for good?

Every relationship is different.  Depending on personalities, wants, needs, desires, short-term and long-term requirements, if each of you are not of the same ‘sex only’ mindset, someone is going to get hurt. Then there are the requirements…do you stay monogamous in your relationship, or have multiple partners? What type of protection is used? Has anyone been tested for STD’s?

And last but not least…what are the rules?

Sleep over, don’t sleep over? Once a week or as often as possible?  What happens in-between? Can you hang out as friends or only text when you want to hook up?  How long will this arrangement last?

Google ‘friends with benefits rules’ and you will find all kinds of articles. Rules for men, rules for women, rules about kissing…the 10 best rules, the 25 best rules….

But in the end, it comes down to what it is you want out of a relationship.

In Jaded, Book two of The Butterfly Memoirs, Yasmine Phillips has a history of friends with benefits relationships. Her past dating experiences have all ended in disaster, leaving her to believe the only way to find her way to physical gratification is to play a man’s game. Her little ‘red’ book is full of numbers, though while selective, she makes sure she keeps her heart on lock down and out of the game. But what happens when she finds herself in a relationship with a man who is nothing like what she’s used too? What happens when someone breaks the rules and lets love in? Can a real relationship begin?

Jaded will be available March  7th! In the meantime, get to know  Yasmine and her friends, Ebony and Kaitlyn in the Amazon Bestseller, A Heart Not Easily Broken

#8Sunday- Jaded- Yasmine’s Philosophy on Love, Sex,and Relationships

A woman’s outlook on love and relationships is often influenced by what she sees around her, be it  from parents, family, or outside influences. Most importantly, the decisions a woman makes  comes from their own dating experiences.  Yasmine’s past has been tainted by a wide variety of factors. So much so, she has a philosophy she chooses to live by:


My philosophy on love and relationships is simple: sex isn’t love, but it’s nice while you’re waiting.

Well, that’s what I used to think before the man that I fell in love with trampled all over my heart.

And raped my best friend.

Love will never happen for me. No man will ever understand me. The real me.

Not my parents, not my brother, not even my best friends.

My life, my experiences – both good and bad – are what define the real me.


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