5 Prince Publishing New Release! Soul Connections (Book 4 of the Dacque Chronicles)

Soul Connetions


Soul Connections describes the educational journey, guided by the spirit of a sudden murder victim, of a group of individuals through the process of investigating their inter-connected past lifetimes.  As well as the surprising discoveries uncovered through their past-life research, the spirit and soul of the murder victim educates its past relatives, from its previous lifetimes, in the knowledge retained by our souls after death, and in the ‘life’ of souls temporarily residing on the other side as they await their next incarnation.


Dacque inched his vehicle into the driveway at 77 Mayflower Crescent but did not disembark for a few long seconds. He had postponed this meeting for about as long as he could without creating the perception that he was deliberately avoiding it. Dacque felt sad, not so much at the thought of meeting Rosalie Westgate again per se, but due to the memory of the unanticipated and unfortunate events that had occurred in their lives over the previous four months. Out of our hands, he reminded himself.

In response to the chime of the doorbell, Rosalie Westgate opened the front door. “Good morning, Detective LaRose,” she cooed. “It is wonderful to see you again.”

“Thank you, Rosalie. It is nice to see you again as well. We do need to dispense with the detective reference, though. Now that the Rolland Jones murder case, currently classified as unsolved and considered as likely unsolvable, has been relegated to the backburner, my few weeks of playing volunteer detective will probably soon become no more than a fading memory. Please call me Dacque.”

“Come in, Dacque,” Rosalie said, smiling broadly at his description of his recent Good Samaritan adventure, and closed the door behind him. “Would you prefer to settle into the living room, or migrate to the kitchen table? The coffee pot is still warming.”

“The kitchen table is fine with me.”

Rosalie led Dacque down the hallway and into the kitchen. She was immaculately dressed and coiffured, and certainly did not look anywhere near her age, which Dacque assumed had to be middle forties based on the information gleaned from their earlier meetings and the story supplied by the spirit of the late Rolland Jones. At the kitchen table, Rosalie went to, and stood behind, the same chair that she had occupied on his last visit. Dacque noticed immediately that the chair opposite Rosalie’s apparently favorite spot was pulled out, as it had also been on that memorable visit when the assembled group awaited the imminent arrival of the spirit of Rolland Jones, formerly known as Johnny Abruzzi. “Is Rolland’s spirit joining us this morning?”

“Not that I’m aware of,” Rosalie responded, “but I habitually pull out his chair in the morning when my husband and daughter have departed for the day, so Johnny can join me at the table whenever he decides to pop in for a visit. I consider it a sentimental gesture to him that his spirit is always welcome to pay me a visit.”

“Rosalie, I know he will always be Johnny to you, but I’m sure you realize that, except when you are alone or with someone like me who knows the entire story, you refer to him as Rolland. Rolland tried so very hard to preserve his new identity. As far as I know you and me, and Detective Jensen of course, are the only ones in the vicinity of the city of Anywhere who are aware of the entire story. I suspect that the details revealed by Rolland’s spirit, on our last get-together, never made it into the official police report. Can you imagine a police report starting out with, ‘The spirit of the late Rolland Jones told us that …?’ ”

Rosalie laughed. “I had never really thought of it that way. I assure you that I will try very hard to refer to him as Rolland in our conversations, but as you are aware, Rolland is not the reason for our little get together this morning.”

“I know.”

“Please sit down, Dacque. Can I bring you a coffee before we get around to business?”

Dacque sat in the chair with his back to the hallway, as he had on his previous visit to Rosalie’s home with Detective Jensen. “No, thank you. I think I’m all coffeed-out for now.”

Rosalie settled into her chair. “Dacque, as you know, Rolland’s spirit mentioned to you on your last visit that I was interested in discovering some of my past lifetimes, like you and your friends have done. But, I have had lots of time to do a great deal more thinking on the subject since your last visit, and I am also interested in discovering or learning more about reincarnation, and what Rolland’s spirit referred to as soul justice, which I assume is similar to Karma. He did tell me on one of his other visits that we had shared four previous lifetimes together before this one, so of course I would like to discover those in particular. I would also like to learn how this soul-justice notion works. If Rolland’s murder was an example of the price he was required to pay for his misdeeds back nine hundred years ago as a soldier for Godefroi de Bouillon, then I, and the rest of the world, need to know how that works. Does that make sense?”

“Your understanding is very good, Rosalie. Soul justice is more commonly referred to as Karma, and it is certainly wise for the entire population to understand the ramifications. First, though, let’s talk about the reincarnation aspect. Rolland may have told you that there is a group here in the Anywhere area called the Reincarnation Enlightenment Group. We aren’t a large group by any means, but we obviously have the mutual desire to discover information from some of our past lifetimes.

“One of the founding members of the group is a licensed hypnotherapist, and she became interested in researching reincarnation many years ago when she realized that some of her hypnotised patients were apparently regressing back into previous lifetimes. To further her research, she will give Group members free past-life regression sessions, in her spare time. Membership is free, and members are requested to use an alias, so their identity is protected, as well as a unique email account which is used only for group communications, which keeps possible unscrupulous members away from our regular email accounts. I should add, in case you are concerned, that we have never experienced any unscrupulous activity, so it is just a little extra insurance.

“I had three past-life regression sessions with this lady, over three years ago now, and have discovered about a dozen past lifetimes. In a normal regression session individuals usually discover previous lifetimes which are significant to their current lifetime. I guess we can say that probably would have been the case with Rolland, if his deduction is correct and he paid the price for actions he carried out nine hundred years ago, but unfortunately he never got around to having his first regression session before he was murdered, so he never knew of his past deeds prior to his demise.

“Please do not get the idea that the past lives that we discover always reveal bad Karma, as that is definitely not the case. I am no expert, but I think more past lives are uncovered in order to continue relationships with significant people in our present lifetime, than to advise or warn us of bad Karma. It is quite possible that none of your four previous lives spent with the soul of Rolland, or Johnny, involved bad Karma, so do not commence this investigative journey with any preconceived ideas that your earlier associations with Johnny will necessarily involve negative Karma.

“I have never heard that our hypnotherapist friend has regressed individuals to specifically discover associations with other, pre-identified souls, but I do not see why it would be impossible. Because this lady is interested in research, the idea might be very appealing to her. I can assist you in joining the group and requesting your reincarnation regression session, and if you like I can ask the hypnotherapist if she is able to gear the sessions to discover past associations with specific souls?”

“That sounds wonderful. I would appreciate that very much. Where do we begin?”

“First, you need to select an alias. I use Streetwalker because I love to walk around the city most days. It is my principal exercise. Some of the other aliases that I am aware of include Clippers, Freethrow, Tackle, and Beanpole. The hypnotherapist goes by Eyeonthepast, but we often shorten it to Eye. I have known her now for almost seven years, but do not know her real name.”

“How does Newyorkgal sound?”

“Wonderful. I don’t think anyone has that one. Now you need a new email account.”

“I actually have an old email account that I never use anymore. Will that work?”

“That’s fine, as long as it is active?”

“It is.”

“If you trust me and write it down for me, I can send an email, with your information, off to Eyeonthepast when I get home, and recommend that you be accepted for membership in the Group. If you are recommended by a Group member in good standing, then you are allowed to book a regression session before first going to a Group meeting, which only convene bi-monthly.”

Rosalie stood up and removed a pad from a kitchen drawer near the sink, then wrote something on it. “There you are,” she said, as she handed the paper to Dacque and sat back down.

“Thank you. You should receive a reply in a day or two, so keep checking the email account. Now, scheduling your regression sessions could present a problem we should discuss today. Eye normally holds her free sessions on Saturday mornings and afternoons, and Sunday afternoons, but has held some in the evenings when necessary. She also does not normally allow witnesses, as she regards our past-life information as confidential. She does make a CD recording of each of our revealed past lives, but she gives these to us at the conclusion of the session and does not retain a copy. To conceal her identity, she does not hold the sessions in her office, so you will need to figure out an appropriate location, in those time slots, with no witnesses.”

“That is not going to be an easy one, I’m afraid.”

“I live in an apartment complex, and some of my friends have used my place for their sessions when they wished to protect their identity. If it is any help to you, you are welcome to hold your sessions at my place, and I will disappear on one of my daily walks?”

“You would do that for me? You hardly know me!”

“True, but the spirit of Rolland Jones seems to trust you, now, and that is plenty good enough for me.”

“Thank you. That is nice to hear. Let me think about this unanticipated wrinkle for a while.”

Dacque removed a card from his wallet and handed it to Rosalie, as he stood up. “If you need to talk to me, you can find me.”

“Thank you,” Rosalie said, and walked Dacque to the front door.


Launch Day for 5 Prince Publishing Author Doug Simpson!

About the Author:

Doug Simpson is a retired high school teacher who has turned his talents to writing. His first novel, a spiritual mystery titled Soul Awakening, was published in the United States in October of 2011, by Booklocker. It was reissued in October of 2012 by 5 Prince Publishing as Soul Awakening, Book I of the Dacque Chronicles. For further details visit them at http://5princebooks.com/. It is available in print and eBook format through most bookstores around the world. Soul Rescue, Book II of the Dacque Chronicles was published in November of 2012, and Soul Mind, Book III of the Dacque Chronicles was published in January of 2013. His magazine and website articles have been published in 2010 to 2013 in Australia, Canada, France, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. His articles can be accessed through his website at http://dousimp.mnsi.net.

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