Milestone #10….October 15, 2013


I never gave deep thought to what this word means until my husband pointed it out.

In the past year of becoming a published author, I have reached more milestones than I could ever dream of.

First, being signed to 5 Prince Publishing in 2012, and not signing one book, but the entire six book Butterfly Memoirs Series! That still blows my mind…

When I started writing, I saw it as more of a hobby to keep my sanity and a much needed distraction from sitting in front of the TV playing The Sims until the kids came home. Hey, what can I say, I had fun giving my ‘characters’ lives I could control…well, control split with the computer program, that is. If you’ve ever played the game, you know what I mean. J

But with writing, there is another element of control that involves talent, creativity, and a tone of patience, perseverance, and determination. Oh yeah, and as every author knows, that so called ‘control’ over your imaginary characters gets lost from time to time when they come to ‘life’ and fight you and your Muse tooth and nail to write a story!

Other milestones reached include:

  • Earning the title of Bestselling Author in African American Literature & Romance, African American Women’s Fiction, African American Romance, and Multicultural and Interracial Romance (within hours of publication!) – debut novel, A Heart Not Easily Broken (September, 2012)
  • Publishing a second novel (because the first one wasn’t easy!!!) – Jaded (March, 2013)
  • Starting and hosting the Wordsmith Writers of Clayton County Writer’s Group which once meet at the Clayton County Headquarters Library, but has since moved to Barnes & Noble! (September 2012) I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with wonderful talent from various stages of publication!
  • Being nominated by members of the Building Relationships Around Books (B.R.A.B) book club as Best New Author and Breakout Author (The winners have not been announced yet, but just being chosen along with the many other talented authors is a wonderful experience!)
  • Being selected as the Featured Author at the First Annual Author Workshop held by The Virtuous Women, LLC (August, 2013)
  • Speaking at the Jonesboro Library and hosting a workshop on How to Land a Publishing Contract. (August, 2013)
  • I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in a few phone interviews; the latest was with LaSheera Lee of Read You Later Blog Talk Radio. (September, 2013)

That is by no means all of them, but those are some of the most memorable ones by far. So what’s next?

The most recent milestone happened on October 15th, when I had the opportunity to be interviewed by DeKalb County Commissioner, Stan Watson, on his local program, The Stan Watson Show, which features people in the community from various walks of life, talent, and businesses. It was my first television appearance as a published author, and by far, very memorable!

Take a few minutes and watch the link. I’m the first interview (time stamp 5:20). There were some technical issues in the beginning, but they are quickly resolved. Enjoy! Also, check out the wonderful interviews that follow! I look forward to sharing more about their projects on my blog in the next few weeks.

M.J. Kane on The Stan Watson Show! 

So, what’s up next on my ‘Milestone List?’


NOVEMBER 1-3, 2013

I’m excited to join other talented authors in two online panels on November 2nd: Social Media and Readers, and November 3rd: Marketing. Both are LIVE PHONE panels! If you haven’t registered for the conference, what are you waiting for???? REGISTER NOW!!! It’s FREE!!!!

And of course, my favorite project, LONELY HEART (BOOK 3 of THE BUTTERFLY MEMOIRS)!!!! The editing for this book is well underway. Release date is MARCH 6, 2014!!!! I love the way this story has turned out. The more I feel the characters as I edit, the more they come alive and their voices and stories are defined. I can promise you one thing; Kaitlyn’s story is NOTHING like the Ebony or Yasmine’s. Every woman has their own path in life, decisions that are made, and consequences to deal with. I look forward to sharing snippets with you as the edits are completed.

And since the contest I posted on Facebook the night of the interview did not go the way I thought it would due to the limited viewing area, I am going to hold another contest, another opportunity for TWO lucky winners to win an eBook copy of LONELY HEART the day it’s published! Entry is simple, just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter link! The winner will be announced on November 1st!


Good luck! And thanks to every one for your continued support! Without you guys, these MILESTONES would be unattainable dreams! ((HUGS)) and <3!!!!


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Milestones in Your Children’s Lives Can Be Frightening!


As a mother of four, I’ve watched my kids grow up and reach many milestones:  sitting up, rolling over, walking, potty
training, the first day of Kindergarten, elementary school graduation, middle school graduation, and in a few months, my oldest will graduate high school.  Then it’s off to new and uncharted territory with college and adulthood.

So much for that safety net of knowing what comes next!

Well, we still have a few months to go.  Before that, there’s getting the first government job (working for ‘the man’, because the years of working with dad do not count), and with that, the dreaded driver’s license.

Okay, we didn’t rush into getting the driver’s permit because of the increase in insurance, but now that he’s about to be eighteen, there’s no way around it.  Over the past year, he’s had the chance to get behind the wheel a few times, driving in the subdivision, moving cars in the driveway…minor things that you don’t worry about. All of them dealt with dad, or another family member, riding in the car while he was behind the wheel.

After weeks of begging and the eighteenth birthday quickly approaching, there’s no more putting it off.  Last Sunday I volunteered to take him, and my oldest daughter, (who is about to turn sixteen), to a parking lot to practice. My son, the video game expert, did very well, not surprising seeing as how he has been behind the wheel before.  And as he likes to say, “And they say playing video games isn’t good for us.” By that he means Midnight Club, Need for Speed, and any other racing game.  On the other hand, after hours of driving at breakneck speeds and running over pedestrians and various other obstacles, it makes you think twice!!

After saying a silent prayer and giving the rundown of how the car works, I strapped in, held my breath and tongue, and clutched the ‘Jesus strap’ while he took over the wheel. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was he in control, maneuvered around the turns successfully, and held a conversation, something I instigated on purpose to see how focused he was.   He comfortably got up to twenty-five miles per hour without me panicking. Thirty minutes later, and I was nearly ready for him to leave the parking lot and try a different stretch of road. But alas, we have to get the correct legal documents before we step up to that level.

Then, it was my daughters turn…..

That experience was a TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY!

First, there were the nervous jitters of being behind the wheel for the first time.  After giving a second run down of how everything in the car works, for good measure, the odometer, speedometer, brake, gas, gearshift…you know the drill. It was then time to set things in motion.

I instructed her to put the car in drive, and then ease off the brake, but NOT to press the gas. I wanted the car to roll forward naturally so she could get used to the idea of being in control.  Well, little did we know, when my son parked the car, the wheels were turned to the right. When the car started to roll, it rolled to the right. My daughter freaks and instead of stomping on the brake, she hits the gas! The car shot forward towards the bushes in the parking lot. She yells, I yell, and my son yells too! Somehow she finds the brake and I throw the car into park. We all look at each other for 10 seconds before laughing so hard we start crying!

Once we calmed down, my son asked her if she was nervous because I was sitting in the front. She says yes, so my son, who is now the expert driver after thirty minutes of down and back driving in an abandoned parking lot, climbs in the passenger seat. I am now in the back seat holding my breath as he walks her through it.  Slowly but surely, we get started again. The first test: avoiding the ‘island’ of grass and trees jutting out from the curb. We made it!  Before I knew it, she was happily stating that she was going six-miles per hour, then eight. When she made it up to twelve, she looked over at her brother and said, “I’ve got this.” I quickly reminded her that her eyes need to be focused on the road before she ‘lost it’ and wrecked the only car we have.

Needless to say, after that, everything went smoothly. An hour later, I drove out of the parking lot with two satisfied teenagers begging to get on the road again.  I guess we’ll do it again next week because hey, empty parking lots aren’t that bad.

It’s the road with actual traffic that I’m not looking forward to!

And that my friends, will be a completely different blog….

Did I mention I’ll have to repeat this in a few years when my youngest kids, now ages 12 and 11, are ready to drive?????

Pray for me….. 🙂