Interview with Ebony Nicole!

I recently met Ebony Nicole on Facebook and was thrilled to find yet another writer from Atlanta. Every morning I log onto Facebook and see an encouraging word. It is inspiring to see someone take time out of their day to leave a word of encouragement for others.

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Welcome, Ebony!

What inspired you to write?

My inspiration to write branched from my poetry. I have been writing poetry since middle school. Then in 2004/2005 I started my novel Destiny Is All I Need, I put it down for years. Then it 2011, I started writing Let God Forgive Him and that became my first published book. Writing has always been a part of my world, I just had to embrace my gift and share it.

What genre do you write? Did you choose it, or did it choose you?

I do not write in any particular genre, I would rather say I write about real life topics and put my own little twist in it. If I had to choose though, it would be Drama/Romance. (If that is a category) I’m still learning about Genres, it is still new to me.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

My work schedule remains the same when I’m writing.  I do most of my writing while I am at work. But for the most part, I write whenever I FEEL it and that can be at any time of the day or night.


What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

My interesting writing quirk is Emotions, I write from what I feel most of the time. If it’s that, then it is from what I see around me and that is a driving force for me alone. Lately, whatever I see and hear ends up as a storyline for me. I cherish this because; I think that is the gift that is given to all writers. It’s our way of expressing ourselves through, Writers.


Are you a pantser or plotter?

I would consider myself a panster, I say this because everything comes to me and I flow from that. When I say “come to me”, I call it my gift that God gave me. So many thoughts, storylines, and titles come to my head, as any other writer and I just let it flow. Doing this allows the creativeness to flow and it’s not forced. This is the best way to write in my opinion, because once you get into that story, things are bound to change.


Are your stories based on experiences based on someone you know, or are events in your own life reflected in the characters/stories you write? Can you share and example?

I would have to say my writing is a combination of all of these.

My first book is based on a true story (Let God Forgive Him) my second book (Destiny Is All I Need) has some real life experiences with a combination of things that I have seen around me. I like to use that to my advantage, it always work in my favor. What better way than to use the things that you see around you every day?


Do you have any suggestions to help new authors become a better writer? If so, what are they?

I would advise them to be themselves in this writing industry; there are so many Authors that are trying to be like that next one. No two people will ever be the same; people will respect you and your work more, if you just let it flow. When it comes to learning, I was told to “Do my research.” Well, in my opinion, the best research you can do is through experience. Everything will pan out or you, once you are in it for a while. Some things will be harder to learn than others. Lastly, don’t allow anyone to mislead you, if you do not feel it in your heart, don’t go through with it. Everybody is not here to help you. It’s up to you to recognize the good from the bad.


Are you self-pubbed, indie pubbed, or traditionally pubbed?

 I am signed with a company but she still labels us as Self- published.

What are your current projects?

Currently, I am preparing to release my Poetry book, Penetrations of A Soulful Heart, that one will be followed by my Encouraging words book which, I titled Ebony Nicole’s Encouraging Words. By the time those are released, I hope to be done with my third novel, entitled You Can’t Weather My Storm.


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Let God Forgive Him-full cover



Let God Forgive Him

Based on a True Story”

Writer EbonyNicole





I was touched at a young age.

I still don’t know how I can live with this pain,

But I still love this man. 

I suffered through the most precious years of my life.

Trying to find my way and do what was right,

But all I could see was the pain inside.

Holding in tears that damaged pride,

Crying day in and day out as the world passed me by. 

No one knew of all this pain and hurt I had inside

As I did things out of anger or just because I thought I could. 

I even did shit ‘cause I thought it would make me feel good.

I didn’t have the guidance I needed to make it through another day,

Didn’t even have the courage to pray and say what my heart really wanted to

say. So, here I am, still lost and trying to find my way,

But, through it all, I must stand.

Never again will I be touched by another man.



Chapter 1: Jewels’ Confession


“Mama, please, don’t make me go back there!” Jewels pleaded.

“Go where, baby?” Shelia asked her daughter.

“My daddy’s house,” Jewels answered as tears fell from her eyes.

She looked at her mother, but the words wouldn’t come out. Shelia opened the car door for her daughter, but she didn’t force her to talk under the condition she was in. All kinds of thoughts were going through Shelia’s head as she drove down Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, towards their apartment. Shelia glanced at Jewels every now and then to make sure she was okay. It had been a while since Jewels had lived with her mother.  Shelia was in the process of getting her life back on track after having been strung out on drugs. Shelia had made the decision to let Jewels stay with her father until things got better for her.  She was now in her second year of being clean and sober, so getting her babies back was the next thing on her list of things to do. Drugs had consumed her life at one point, but Shelia was now a perfect example of someone who had overcome her addiction.  She was showing the world that only the strong survived.  Pulling up to their apartment, Jewels followed Shelia’s lead but took slow strides with her head hanging down.  Shelia grabbed Jewels’ chin, forcing her to look up, and said, “Baby, hold your head up.”

Now headed up the stairs, Shelia noticed that Jewels had stopped walking.  She thought she’d heard her say something.

“Mama, he rapped me, and I don’t want to live with him anymore. Please, can I come back to live with you now?” Jewels said.

Shelia felt as if her legs were about to give out, so she held on to the rail of the stairs.  She could see the pain in her daughter’s eyes and knew she wasn’t lying.  Her hands shook as she attempted to make it up the stairs to unlock the door.  Jewels was crying, trying to think of a way to tell her mother how her daddy had raped her. She was eight years old when it had happened, too young to understand anything. Having to hold this secret for four years had damn near killed her, but this was the perfect time to tell her mama what had taken place. They both cried as Jewels poured her heart out to her mother. The next day, Shelia took Jewels to the doctor for a full check-up.  This was the beginning of a long journey.



Destiny Is All I Need

Destiny Is All I Need

Chapter 11

The Check-Up







“Who is your doctor, ma’am?” the dark skinned receptionist asked.

“Dr. O’Conner,” Crystal answered.

“May I tell him who’s here?”

“I’m Ms. Simmons. I have an appointment.”

As the receptionist paged Dr. O’Conner, she realized she had seen this woman a few times before. The receptionist wondered how many appointments one patient could have in such a short period of time.

Crystal didn’t wait for Dr. O’Conner to respond to the page. She walked straight to Dr. O’Conner’s office.  You would have thought it was her office the way she sauntered in without a care in the world. Happy to see that he was alone, she gave him a hug and rubbed her hand up and down his back. He returned the favor with no hesitation. The hug lingered on for a few minutes followed by a passionate kiss. They had been secretly dating since Crystal was released from the hospital. Destiny had been taking very good care of her and so had Dr. O’ Conner. To her, everybody had a purpose in her life, and she was more than happy with the attention. Crystal had never had sex with her doctor, but, right now, she wanted him to take her right there in his office. She made sure he knew that by slowly taking off her shirt, pants, and all of her underclothes. As they dropped to the floor, Crystal saw the look of shock on his face, but she was ready. Dr. O’ Conner locked his office door and followed her lead. After removing everything from his desk, Crystal got on top of it, laid back, and waited. Taking control, Dr. O’Conner kissed her from head to toe, caressing her body.  As she anticipated his next move, quiet moans escaped her lips. He teased her body. Her heartbeat increased. As she wondered if he knew she had never been with a man before, she started to panic.

After turning Crystal over on her stomach, Dr. O’ Conner was now ready to please her. While rubbing his fingers around her clit, he was surprised at how her body responded to him. She swelled under his touch. He continued until he heard the wetness of her pussy. He slowly inserted one finger, then two. As he made circular motions in and out, he noticed she was tight, real tight actually.

“Am I your first, Crystal?”  He asked.

“Uh…yes, is it a problem?” Crystal questioned.

Instead of answering, he increased the speed of the circular motions he was making with his fingers and grew more aroused as he heard how wet she was getting from his touch. This excited him more than anything, and he knew she was pleased by the way she moaned louder and squirmed around on the desk. After removing his fingers, he slowly inserted himself into her wet pussy. Crystal closed her eyes and whispered, “Go slow, baby.”

Then, she began to rotate her hips a little. This was a strange feeling at first, but she liked it.  She wanted him and liked the way he took his time with her. As they got more into it, she scratched his back as he rubbed his fingers through her hair. Neither wanted to stop, but they knew this wasn’t the time or place to really get down. Crystal wanted him to get back to work but not before his tongue showed her pussy some attention. With two orgasms down, slightly exhausted, Dr. O’ Conner gave her what her body was asking for. Now this, she was used to. As his tongue swirled around and around, she threw it back at him.  With her legs wrapped around his neck, she was loving this!  After orgasm number three, they brought the session to an end. Dr. O’ Conner gathered their clothes and invited Crystal to his personal shower. Entering together, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Half of his day was gone already, but he didn’t mind at all.