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Nearly every author uses music when they write. Some use it to drown out the noise of life around them, while others use certain songs to inspire emotion and action in a scene. Numerous songs have found their way into book titles and inspired  entire novels.

Music is a part of my family, a part of my life, and has defiantly found its way into my writing.

Both of my sons have had a love of music since the day they were born. My oldest, who graduates high school next week, (and I am proud to say he will be starting college in the fall to get his Bachelors in Music), has played in the Orchestra since he was in sixth grade. Over the years he’s learned to play, and mastered,  the Bass, and the bass guitar. He also plays the acoustic guitar and keyboard. My youngest son, who is completing his first year in middle school, has taken the path of percussion. Part of me is dreading the day we buy a full set of drums! But like watching my oldest son mature as a musician, watching his younger brother do the same will be a joy!

My husband is a recording engineer and music producer. His studio is in our home and located across the house from my office. Over the years I’ve watched numerous talented artist – from rappers, singers, poets, lyricist, and musicians – cross my doorway. They have eaten with my family, and crashed on my couch.  (Visit this link to hear some of the music he’s produced and artist he’s worked with.) One of my favorite songs he has produced is Off The Chain performed by Immo Stax. If you love Rap/Hip Hop, you have to check this one out!

Now, with each new artist comes a story and inspiration for some of my characters.  Brian Young of A Heart Not Easily Broken, is one to be exact.

In my latest novel, Jaded, neither character is a musician, yet the entire story was inspired by one song. Love Calls by Kem.

While the story has the premise of friends who choose to sleep together and a relationship that leads to more, Jaded is NOT your typical friends-turned-lovers story. The story doesn’t end with the moment they decide to sleep together….that is the moment the story truly begins.

Love Calls found it’s way into my writing not only as the  theme song, but as the defining moment, catalyst if you will, of two people letting their guard down long enough to realize there could indeed be more to their relationship. Watch the video and read this excerpt….and let yourself get lost in the song and dance….


Our slow circuit brought us near the open doors leading inside where the reception was in full swing.  We watched the party goers enjoy the music. A popular song involving a complicated two-step routine had the older couples on the dance floor while younger ones moved aside to clap and cheer.

“I never have been able to do that dance,” I commented.

“It’s not difficult. I can teach you if you want.”

I smirked.

“What? My mom taught me.”

This time I laughed. “Why does that not surprise me?”

He extended a hand. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

I studied his palm, then his eyes. “Why the hell not?” I shrugged out of his jacket, setting it neatly on an empty patio chair.

Zack wasted no time walking me through the steps. Within minutes, he had me twirling and laughing. I was impressed. Not only was the man a good teacher, he had some good moves. Two songs later, we were laughing like children.

What would I have done if he hadn’t come tonight?

As promised, he’d done his part in distracting me from dwelling on the depressing aspects of my life.

All too soon, a slow song played, giving the couples a break. Both of my hands were in his when I released my hold.

Zack didn’t. I looked at our hands, then up into his eyes. The deep hazel irises darkened as his gaze went from fun to something else.

“We should sit down,” I managed, trying to convince myself the increased heartbeat was a result of dancing.

“I disagree.” He released one of my hands and slipped a hand around my waist instead.

It was impossible to escape the sensual smell of his cologne up close and personal mixed with the musk of flesh damp from dancing. A rush of desire covered me from head to toe.

“What are you afraid of?” he challenged.

Um, being this close? Wanting him? Falling for him?

“Nothing.” I put as much steel in my voice as I could muster. Liar, liar…

Zack pulled me close, taking control, moving our bodies as one. His gaze never left mine. It was as if we were the only two people listening to the music. The clinks of glasses, short bursts of laughter, the sound of children running around the room, were inconsequential.

I became a slave to the sultry sound of a bass guitar, the hypnotic rhythm of drums, and melodic voice of the singer. Zack assumed full control of my body as he guided us in a seductive sway.

Okay, I was used to the strength of a man’s arms and feel of firm muscles pressed against me. I could handle the ripples of desire running through me, making my knees weak.

What I could not ignore was the heat from his gaze as it explored my mouth, the warmth of his breath against my cheek, or the gentle slide of fingers along my waist as he enveloped me in his arms.

To make matters worse, the lyrics of the song hit every nerve. They spoke of ignoring the pain of past relationships and accepting love again.

I closed my eyes in an attempt to find pieces of the wall I had built around my heart. It was impossible; Zack had chiseled them away in the short time we’d known each other. The pain plaguing me from past relationships was easily forgotten while in his arms.

“Yasmine…” His whisper was husky, the laughter from earlier gone. “Look at me.”

I did.

Never had a man’s gaze pulled me in this hard. Desire replaced reasoning, a feeling so strong it could not be ignored. How did this happen? Was it the theme of the day, the alcohol consumed, or the fact this man seemed to have eyes only for me?

Zack gazed hungrily at my mouth and licked his lips.

Panic built inside. This could not be happening. I couldn’t ignore the fact I wanted it, maybe even needed it to happen.


My lips parted of their own volition as Zack lowered his mouth to mine.

The moment our lips connected, the world stood still. Breathing ceased as desire exploded inside of me, drawing me deep into forbidden territory.


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