New Year, New Blog, New Book, New Resolutions!!

Happy New Year!!!2013-predictions

How do you like the ‘new’ M.J. Kane?????

It was time to do something different. For the past eight months I’ve hosted two different blogs, This Writer’s Life, which deals with writing, and The Butterfly Memoirs, which is specifically about my book series. Well, that just kicked my butt! Too many blogs to write, watch over, keep updated in more than one location …it was time to consolidate and make it easier to find me.

Besides, I was beginning to feel as though I was going crazy because of ‘spliting’ myself into two halfs…straight jacket anyone?

Well, not anymore! Everything will now be able to be found on this one site! Blogs on writing, my experiences, my books, interviews with authors, guest post, and features…..and there’s more to come in the months ahead. I would tell you now, but that would ruin the surprise, so stay tuned, be sure to follow and sign up for the blog alerts.

I’ve also got a new format I’m going to try:

Monday’s: (1st and 3rd)- Post on writing

(2nd and 4th)- Butterfly Memoir Posts

Tuesday’s: #TeaserTuesdays!!- Brief samples of my books, and WIP’s!

Wednesday’s: #WriterWednesday’s- Interviews with authors from a wide variety of genres, giving you a chance to find new reads!

Thursday’s/Friday’s: Guest Post: You never know who’s gonna drop by with a new release or contest!

Sunday’s: #SampleSunday- A chance to dig a little deeper into my characters/stories

And somewhere in between I’ll share the crazy stuff life throws my way!

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, here’s the fun stuff…..

My second novel will be out in a few short months!!! See the calender over there? ——>;;That’s how long you have until Jaded, Book two of The Butterfly Memoirs, will be available! As of now it is in the capable hands of my editor and getting ready for the final touches.If you’ve had a chance to read the first book, A Heart Not Easily Broken, you know all about Yasmine Phillips. She’s a sassy, bi-racial woman who knows exactly what she wants and takes doesn’t let anyone deter her from reaching her goal. Her only issue, being unable to find love. If you haven’t met her or read about her best friend, Ebony Campbell’s story, then you have to check it out! You don’t have to read A Heart Not Easily Broken first, but doing so would help you understand what Yasmine’s motivation is in her story. Check out the reviews, then buy a copy in one of the available formats today! Check back this week for #SampleSunday for the book cover reveal and blurb release!

And now…my 2012 New Years Resolutions: (I posted a few on yesterday’s blog, but decided to add a few more…)

*Exercise more!! Not to lose weight, but to keep myself in good health. One thing about being an author, you sit on your butt so much that the hours fly by before you know it!!

*Get out from behind my desk and go out to meet more people! Book signings, mini conferences…anything I can do to promote myself and my work!

*Provide encouragement and support to my writer’s group! I’ve met a wonderful group of highly motivated writer’s who are looking to reach their goals. I just hope I can do for them what others have done for me.

*Continue to learn more and perfect my writing. Like any art form, no matter how much or how long you’ve done it, you never stop learning. The day you do, that’s when your craft begins to fail.

*Continue to work with my Muse to bring my various projects to life. I’ve got a lot going on behind closed doors, and it is my goal to make each of my projects see the light of day!

So, that’s what I’ve got going on here…can’t wait to see where everything stands December 2013!

So what are your goals for 2013?


M.J. Kane- 2012 in Review!

Wow! Can you believe the year is almost over???? It’ll be 2013 in a few hours….This year by far has been my most productive year, well, besides giving birth that is! This is the first year I have ever set a goal and actually worked to see it to fruition. I posted my resolution in January 2012 and promised to write about what I did/did not do, so here it goes: (in order of that post)
* Be published by a publishing company: 
DONE!!! 5 Prince Publishing signed me in July and my debut novel, A Heart Not Easily Broken, was published in September!
*Sell a lot of books:

DONE! Hit Amazon Bestseller in Multicultural Romance within hours of publication (have managed to stay there for three months, now it’s off and on). It as also been on the African American Literature & Fiction, African American Romance, and African American Women’s Fiction  Amazon Bestseller lists.

*Be interviewed  by local radio and television stations:

Didn’t happen, but I have done a ton of blog interviews, guest posts, and features…Yay!!!

My manager, Lady Kayne and I.

*Participate in the Writer’s Conference in my city: (Library Headquarters):

ALMOST! Scheduling changed and instead of the conference, a community event was held where local artist, writers, and musicians had the opportunity to share their talent and work. I held my first official Meet and Great as a local author two weeks after my book was published. That was also the day my sales ranking on Amazon  hit its all time peak: #5 in Multicultural Romance and #17 in African American Literature & Fiction!

*Continue to make wonderful connections with other authors and readers: 

This will forever be an ongoing activity, and one I enjoy the most. Having the opportunity to talk to readers via Twitter, Facebook, or in person, and listen to them share their thoughts about my story and characters has been a wonderful experience. It has given me the motivation to continue to write and explore other topics and continue to bring my characters to life.

It is so interesting to go back and look at January’s blog. After writing my list, I spoke of my next thing to do, which was start working on the second book in The Butterfly Memoirs Series, Jaded. I am so glad I did. Here it is, a year later, and because I put in the work a year ago, my publisher will be getting the full MS in a few days with a publication date of March 2013! Whoo Hoo!! I am so excited about that. See what putting in the work a year ago did? It’s actually paying off!

Now, what does MJ have in store for 2013?

*New blog! Yep that’s right! This Writer’s Life has made the transition from Blogger to  Wordpress. All of my blogs have been moved.( Check out the pages entitled, Helpful Advice for Aspiring Authors and Quick Links to My Most Popular Posts for quick access.) The transition isn’t about Blogger because I have enjoyed working with this site. But I have two blogs that I write, this one and one for The Butterfly Memoirs. It’s taken a lot to keep both of them up and going for the past few months. With WordPress, I will be able to combine the two into one site, making blog writing content easier .

*New book release! As mentioned before, my second novel, Jaded, will be released in March. Now that I’ve learned my way around marketing and promoting one book, the challenge will be to do it with two! But before that comes final edits with my editor, final reads, and publishing day, and all the fun stuff in between. It’s work, sleepless nights for a while, and oh so worth it!

*Write book three in the Butterfly Memoirs Series: The third book, who’s title will not be released just yet, is a quarter of the way done. Characters have been outlined, story line plotted, even the first 6 chapters written.  As soon as Jaded is published, I’ll dive into writing this story and giving it the same amount of love and attention that was given to AHNEB and Jaded. So looking forward to it!

*Super Secret Project: Yep, it ‘s a secret, nope not sharing just yet, but keep an eye on my blog and  you’ll know in a few months….you’ll be glad you did.

*Radio Interview: Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to make it happen this year….LOL!

*Attend the Moonlight and Magnolias Georgia Romance Writer’s Conference or the Romance Writer’s of America Conference (to be held in my home town, hello!!!): Start the savings account, cause here I come!!!

So, those are my writing goals for 2013…how about you?