The Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award

Over the last week, I had the privilege to receive this wonderful award from two different authors/bloggers, Debbie Brown and Carmen DeSousa. Thank you ladies for thinking about me! Thankfully I can follow the rules of this award with one post!

So here it goes!
Five of My Most Fabulous Moments:
5: The day I graduated high school! Man, was I ready to get out of there! Then again, who wasn’t???
4: The day my husband proposed at a mutual friends wedding. We had only dated a few months and were still in high school. He was a little tipsy so as flattered as I was, I thought he was kidding. He clarified his intentions the next day, fully sober, and proved it shortly after graduation by presenting a ring and asking me again. We celebrated our 18th anniversary on Monday! 
3: The birth of our first son, who will be graduating high school next year! It was also a blessing to watch him preform with the Alliance Theater Youth Orchestra along side Broadway actors in the play, Into The Woods, during it’s two month run. That memory will forever be priceless! 
2: The birth of all of my children. My youngest in particular. I’d planed have no more kids, but she slipped in ( lol) and has stolen all of our hearts. 
1. Receiving the email that stated I had an offer for my series, The Butterfly Memoirs, from 5 Prince Publishing. Momma has now found herself…AGAIN! 
Five Things I Love:
5: Sitting on the bank of a river watching the gentle water role by. So peaceful!
4: Getting buried in a good book. There’s nothing like getting  caught up in the characters and forgetting the need for sleep!
3: Creating my own characters. Finding their passions, and telling their stories is a gift I appreciate having. It’s amazing how much of a stress reliever writing can be! 
2. Driving down the street with the windows down and my favorite song on the radio. It’s so much fun to dance and sing, and then look around and my kids have ducked down from embarrassment. Cracks me up every time. 
1. My family. Watching my husband, kids, cousin, and dogs interact and realizing just how wonderful life can be and how blessed I am to have them. Even when times get tough, we’re still here for one another and in the end, that’s all that matters. 
Five Things I Hate:

5. Paying bills. Some days I look at those dreaded sheets of paper and think times like those represented in the TV show, Falling Skies, would be a welcome relief instead of paying a $300.00 electric bill. But then there would be no internet…so guess who’s paying the bill?
4. Window shopping. Seriously, it sucks! I’d rather see it when I know I can afford it? Why subject myself to such torture???? Okay, fine, it always helps to plan, but still…it hurts to walk away….lol.
3. Poverty. With so many shows on television about super sized food and food eating contest, why should people down the street from these taping have to starve? Who cares how much your stomach can hold, what about the family who could use that over stuffed plate and feed themselves for two days????
2. Injustice. Why do rapist, thieves, and murderers seem to get away with their crimes, yet someone who’s licence was unknowingly suspended has to spend the night in jail, bond out, and then pay a fine? Does this make any sense???
1. Racism. We’re all human. We all have the same genitic make up. Does the person lying on their deathbed  really care where the heart needed for the transplant comes from? Do they question the doctor before going under anistisia as to the race of the unwilling doner? What about blood transfusions? Who cares what the skin tone was of the source. Why? Because underneath the pigmant, WE’RE ALL THE SAME!
My Five Favorite Books: 
In no certain order:
Lover Eternal– J.R. Ward
The Black Hills– Nora Roberts
The entire Stephanie Plumb series- Janet Evanovich
The entire Trouble Shooters series- Suzanne Brockmann
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy- J.R.R. Tolkien
Now to pass it on to 5 other unsuspecting bloggers! 

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