And the Winners Are…..

WinnerThanks you to everyone who participated and supported the Milestones – Lonely Heart Giveaway! As promised there are TWO winners in this contests who will receive a complimentary copy of LONELY HEART, (Book 3 of The Butterfly Memoirs) the day it releases, March 6, 2014!

So congratulations are in order for:

Arlena Gorden Dean


Elizabeth Williams!!!!

And for those of you who may not have read Jaded (yet) and been introduced to the lead character of Lonely Heart, here’s the a quick peek at the Prologue to Kaitlyn Rodgers story…..



 “Kaity, are you sure this is what you want?”

A final scan of the room showed nothing left behind. “Yes, Ebony, I’m positive. Luke made it clear; he doesn’t want this baby, which means he doesn’t want me.”

After months of failed attempts to convince my boyfriend of nearly two years keeping our family together was best, I had enough.  The moment he learned about the pregnancy, he suggested abortion. After arguing, he conceded to try and work things out. Everything went fine for a while, but the more I asked him to participate in the doctor’s appointments and for ideas about setting up the baby’s room, the more standoffish he became.

His decision to avoid the sonogram and ignore my calls and text messages was enough.

I had three months until my baby’s arrival.

My baby…Who’d have thought I’d become a single mom?

A few short months ago, my life was perfect. I worked my dream job and had a man who loved me.

Tunes out I was wrong about that.

I made some bad decisions in my life, but it was too late to change them now.

For the next three months my focus would be providing my baby with a happy home.  And regardless of what Luke thought, he would still have responsibility in providing for his child.

“That’s everythin’. Let’s get out of here before he gets home.”



Look for it March 2013 from 5 Prince Publishing!!

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