#SampleSunday- A Father’s Wisdom…Happy Father’s Day!

A man’s relationship with his father is a special thing. A father can teach them not only how to be a man, but guide them in the ways of how to treat a woman.  For today’s #SampleSunday post, I decided to share a scene from A Heat Not Easily Broken. Brian has brought Ebony to his parent’s home for a BBQ and to meet his family. His father, of course, doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind the moment Ebony is out of range and offers Brian relationship advice he takes to heart.


“Hand me a plate, will you?” Dad removed the hot dogs from the grill. “She’s a looker, son.”

I turned my attention back to Ebony. “Yeah, she is.” I grinned with pride.

“Have you slept with her yet?”

My attention broke. I faced my dad as he casually took a long sip of his beer. He remained cool, calm, and collected. You’d think he just asked me to pass him the barbeque sauce.

“Uh…no, not yet.” I buried my hands deep in my pockets.

My dad and I talked about everything. From my first wet dream, to the first time I had sex. It was a rare occasion for him to ask a question that made me nervous. This was one of them.

“What are you waiting for?” He paused to study me. His expression was serious. “Everything still working? You’re not sick are you?”

“Yes, Dad, everything works just fine and no, I’m healthy.”

He continued to watch me. “Ah, I get it. You’re serious; don’t want to mess things up, eh?”

I looked back at Ebony. She seemed to have settled in. “I don’t know, Dad, she might be the one.”

His eyebrows rose in question. “Does she feel the same way?”

“I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about that. We’re still in the beginning stages. We’ve kissed, but, I don’t want to rush it.”

He nodded. “What about her family? You know, your mother and I could care less if Ebony were purple, as long as she’s a good woman and you’re happy. But if her parents are from the other side of the world­”

“They live in the U.S.”

“You know what I mean. Things are different in the South. They may not be as liberal as we are. That’s all I’m saying, son.”

“We’ve talked about it…some. But we’re here, not there. We’re both consenting adults capable of making our own decisions.”

“Whoa, boy, hold on. I’m not trying to tell you what to do.” He put a hand on my shoulder. “After what happened with the last woman you dated, can you blame me? I’m just looking out for your best interest. Be sure your thinking with your head and not your Johnson.” He paused when I laughed. “I’m serious. You should know from experience a man’s heart is a fragile thing. We try to hide behind the macho façade, pretending we don’t get whipped. But deep down, when we find our own personal Eve, we’re done. And if your Eve breaks your heart, well, it’s hard to recover.” He took a long pull on his beer before flipping the meat.

My own Eve. I’d never thought about a woman that way. It wasn’t hard to understand where he was coming from. I studied the curve of Ebony’s lips and the small crinkle in the corner of her eyes when she laughed. The relaxed pose of her body as she talked to my sisters. My heart warmed.

“What about you, Dad. Has your heart been broken by an Eve?”

His eyes followed my mother. “No. My Eve, my paradise, is right here.”


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When Ebony’s attempt at a brief fling turns into more, despite negative reactions from friends and family, she finds juggling love, family, and career are nothing compared to the ultimate betrayal she endures. Now her dreams spiral into lies and secrets that threaten her future and her best friend’s trust.


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