#FeatureFriday: Just a Little Bit More an Erotic Elixir by Erotic Kookie

just a little bit more cover final

Together five years, Kerisse and her fiancé Orlando lived the picture perfect life. After noticing a great change in Orlando and calling off the wedding two years prior, Kerisse was needing something more. With Orlando’s spontaneous trips back and forth to Florida, Kerisse suspects there is someone else. Separating herself from Orlando’s unwanted advances, Kerisse builds herself a secret oasis which allows her to tap into a fantasy world she never wants to escape. One night, Kerisse decides to bring her fantasy to life! After entering into a diner she sees him. Although she has the courage to make her fantasy a reality, the outcome turns out to be more than she could imagine. Will her fantasy remain a fantasy or will her one night stand become her true REALITY?

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Picture of meKLTAbout the Author:

I began writing poetry when I was a little girl, Poetry gave me a voice and allowed

self-expression through the power of word play. As I grew older, I began writing short stories and noticed that adding just the right touch of spice awakened the senses; mind, body, soul, and spirit. Romance, Sexuality, Sensuality, Love, Fantasy, Imagination and Reality, infused and fertilized the seed that help birth my erotic altered-ego EroticKookie.

I soon branched off into writing novels and loved how I became the character. I would even find myself sipping wine and even wearing different hats or clothing to fit the scene. I would often challenge myself by finding more ways of turning things up a notch. I love to push the envelope.

The imagination allows you to escape into a world of fantasy and fulfill your inner most desires, before returning to reality. No judgment, no hold barred; just let it all go, giving you a little bit to touch taste feel and remember.

We must learn to Dream with our eyes open, for dreaming with your eyes closed will only allow it to disappear with the blink of an eye.

Don’t just live life, experience life! ~EK

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