An Interview with Dr. Devin Jones of A Heart to Heal by Synithia Williams!

My good friend, Synithia Williams, and I, decided to do something fun for our fans and swap heroes. (Stop by her blog to see what Zachariah Givens has to say!) After reading  her latest release, A Heart to Heal,  I understood why the heroine, Shayla fell in love! Take a moment to get to know the men our heroines fell in love with!

Welcome, Dr. Devon Jones! I enjoyed your story and like every book I read, I always wonder what motivates a character.  First of all, I gotta know, how does it feel to be the town doctor? I’m sure you get a lot of requests for private consultations.

I love being the town doctor, but you’re right, I do get a lot of request for consultations. I grew up in Helena so everyone knows me or my dad. I’m often stopped in the grocery store or at the local diner and asked for a quick diagnosis. Most of the time it’s no big deal, and I know that the reason people ask is because they trust my judgment.

As a single man who is very successful, owns his own home, and medical practice, are there any other goals you have left to fulfill?

 I would like to have a family one day. It’s not something that I say out loud often. Otherwise my friend’s wives would try to hook me up at every chance they got.

 Though your relationship with Shayla goes way back, your time apart has left her reputation up for questioning. What is it about her that keeps all other women unable to compare?

Shayla was my friend first. We have a history that goes so far back it’s impossible for another woman to know me as well. After our friendship was severed, I was never able to get as close to another woman as I had Shayla. It’s as if a part of me realized that there was no other woman for me. Despite her reputation, she has a good spirit. She’s always the life of the party. But she’s also the most caring person I know.

Now for the fun stuff: What do you consider to be the perfect date?

I’m a simple guy. Dinner and a movie is a perfect date.

If your lady wants to turn you on, what does she have to do?

If it’s Shayla she just has to walk into the room. I love her eyes. One look from her, and I’m ready to go, if you know what I mean.

Women get asked this all the time, so let’s flip it. What do you prefer on your lady? Boy shorts, thongs, or natural skin?

Boy shorts. You get the perfect view of that sexy cup of a woman’s behind. Yeah, I love that.

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Zachariah Givens  of Jaded visits Synithia Williams! 


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