#TeaserTuesday- Getting Ready for the First Date

I was watching TV, a pastime that has gone from pure entertainment to a study of television writers style of story telling. The episode of the show I was watching was entitled First Date. During the episode, the main character talked to her best friend about the nervous jitters she had in anticipation for the evening. It made me think back to a conversation held by Ebony Campbell and her best friend, Yasmine Phillips in A Heart Not Easily Broken.

Since when has it been simple for a woman to pick out clothing for a first date?


“What does he like? You know, what has he commented on? What has his roving eye looked at when he’s not staring at you?”

“Um, his attention is always on me. Plus, he says I look good in anything, even my work clothes.”

“What the hell?” She rubbed her eyes. “Okay, he’s one of those.”

“One of what?”

“A man who’s always giving compliments to suck up.”

I loved Brian’s compliments. He never gave the impression of trying to get something in return. His facial expressions made it obvious that what he said came from the heart.

“Alright, what has he seen you in?” She eyed the clothes pile. “Jeans?”

“Not exactly, Capri’s, yes.”


“That skin tight number the night we met.”

“Told you it would work.” She gave me a smug smile. “Shorts?”

“Yes, on Sunday, the day we kissed.”

“Hmm, how about this?”

I turned to see what she held. “Perfect.”

“Now for hair and make-up.”

At exactly two o’clock, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Yasmine yelled from downstairs.

I finished tying the strings of my wedge heels around my legs and made sure I sprayed perfume in all the right places. I took a deep breath and stood in front of the mirror. Yasmine had a hidden talent for dressing people.

“Well hello, Brian, right? I’m Yasmine It’s nice to meet you.”

I could hear Yasmine’s voice floating up the steps.

“Hi, Yasmine. I’m here to pick up Ebony,” he replied.

God, I loved to hear him say my name.

“Sure, come in. She’ll be down in a minute.” The door closed. “Take care of my girl.”

“I will.”

When I heard her coming up the steps, I counted to ten and composed myself.

She stopped at my doorway and winked. “He’s a keeper. Nice lips.” She laughed and disappeared into her room.

Brian’s back was to me when I walked down the stairs. He appeared relaxed with his thumbs hooked in the pockets of his jeans. He had the same black sneakers and a deep blue shirt that was the same shade as his eyes. Blue was fast becoming my favorite color. His blond curls with dark undertones were shorter than when I last saw him.

“Hi,” I said upon reaching the bottom step.

He turned around and his eyes traveled over my outfit. “Damn.”

I wore a floral print halter-top accented with red lace trim that molded to my waist and breasts perfectly. The tan background complimented my skin and the floor-length skirt fit like a glove. A long, sexy slit ran from the hem to the middle of my thigh and gave him an eyeful every time I moved my leg.

“You look,” he cleared his throat, “amazing.”


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