Let’s Talk About It: What Does Friendship Mean To You?

What is the meaning of the word friend? According to Dictionary.com, a friend is: a person attached to another by affection or regard.

During the course of our lives, we have friends on many different levels. There are acquaintances, people we are friendly with at work or socially. There are also people we do not view as being hostile – yet is considered a friend or friendly. People who donate to charity are considered friends of that organization.

What about the act of being a friend, or to be more exact, friendship?

The definition of friendship is:

1.) The state of being a friend, association as friends

2.) friendly relation or intimacy

3.) friendly feeling or disposition.


As children, there were people we hung out with, got in trouble with, and made lasting memories with. Many of them may have navigated their way in and out of our lives over time. Yet, there is always that one – if we’re lucky, two – people who managed to dig their way in and mean something. Those are the friends we would stand up for, help in times of trouble, and if the situation called for it, give our lives. And they would do the same.

This type of friendship is addressed in, A Heart Not Easily Broken. Ebony Campbell, the heroine, shares a home with her two best friends, Yasmine Phillips, and Kaitlyn Rodgers, whom she met while in college. The three women have gone through the difficulties of maturing for the past six years. They know each other’s secrets, motivations, and fears.

When Ebony must deal with a situation that, even though it has damaged her, has the potential to devastate one of her friends, she has a decision to make. Does she tell her friend and begin healing emotionally from the damage done, yet knowingly destroy her best friend’s already damaged heart? Or, does she keep it bottled up, putting her friends feelings first, and protect the friendship that means so much to her?

Now, here’s a question: Would you be willing to keep a deep, dark secret from your best friend if you knew it could devastate them in the end, no matter what it would do to you?


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10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About It: What Does Friendship Mean To You?

  1. A friendship to me is being there for a person through the ups and downs. Being honest and up front at all times even when you know you might not agree. Also knowing when to step back and let you have your space. That’s what friendship means to me.

  2. Thank you ladies for sharing your thoughts! Friendship was one of the issues I wanted to explore when writing A Heart Not Easily Broken. We know we’d do whatever it takes to help or protect a friend we hold dear, but at what cost to us? Can choosing to put your friends feelings first be of detriment to you in the end? Is there a line that has to be drawn to protect yourself? And if so, would your friend understand and continue to be your friend? Hmmm…..

      • Honesty! I love it! Thank you! Sometimes it takes making a wrong decision that feels right at the time and suffering through the consequences to discover that the decision you thought was right was actually wrong! LOL, confusing I know, but for those who have read A Heart Not Easily Broken, they should know what I mean. Life is a never ending school of learning, and true friends will be there for you no matter what. 🙂

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