#SampleSunday- A Heart Not Easily Broken- Talking to Brian’s Mom

#SampleSunday: A Heart Not Easily Broken-Talking to Brian’s Mom

Meeting your boyfriend’s family can be a nerve wreaking experience. Ebony spent hours stressing over how Brian’s family would view him dating a black woman.  She is pleasantly surprised by the warmth of their reception. And as with any relationship, there comes a time when you find yourself alone with your boyfriend’s mother. And as you know, moms have a habit of letting things slip.


“Forgive me for asking, but did you really pick my son up in a bar?”

I laughed. “No, ma’am. I was at the bar when he picked me up.”

“That’s what I thought. He doesn’t usually do stuff like that. Well, not as far as I know…” She glanced away, apparently embarrassed by what she’d said.

“I know what you mean.” I smiled. “To be honest, he picked me out of a crowd watching the band play. He came up to me, and I politely brushed him off.”

Mrs. Young laughed.

“A few days later, Brian showed up at my house, hired by my roommate to cut our lawn and well…here we are. I can say one thing, he’s very persistent.”

“Oh yes,” she agreed. “As a kid he used to flash those blue eyes at me all the time to get cookies from the jar before dinner. He’s got eyes just like his father.”

“He knows how to use them,” I agreed. Brian did indeed have the same swag as his father who was strikingly handsome.

I glanced up and saw her smile.

“You are the first woman Brian’s brought around here in a long time, Ebony. He likes you. I hope you feel the same way about him. I’d hate for my son’s heart to be broken again.”

I paused, mid-slice of an onion, and frowned.

“Oh, dear, I’ve said too much.” Laura turned her focus to a pot on the stove.

Brian’s heart had been broken? He’d never mentioned it to me when talking about previous relationships.

“I like Brian. I love his confidence and his desire to reach his goals, and he supports mine. That’s why I’m with him. I don’t know where our relationship is going to go, but I’m willing to stick around and find out.”

We studied each other before she nodded.

“I can understand why he likes you. You speak your mind. That’s a good thing. He doesn’t need a woman who’ll back down. Keep that up, and you’ll be fine.” She smiled briefly and turned back to the stove.


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