Guest Post: Sara Barnard- A Heart Broken

Every marriage faces trials and tribulations, but perhaps none more than military families – those of yesterday as much as those of today. We are a military family, so just like in A Heart on Hold, most of this book is written from experience, as well. Whenever duty calls and the time comes to part, it is only natural to attempt to make the parting as picture-perfect as possible. Unfortunately, life usually disagrees and one or both spouses are left with a bad taste in their mouths after a sour goodbye. Instead of having a sweet, passionate send-off to remember during the duration of the absence, all they have to hold on to and reflect on is the vows they promised, the love they had, and faith. Faith in God, faith in their marriage, and faith in each other. This premise is the cornerstone of A Heart Broken. Even when couples survive insurmountable odds (as in A Heart on Hold) and appear to come out stronger, the tests to their love and their commitment continue and are bought on not by outside forces, but by themselves.

A Heart on Hold started the series off out during the Civil War years and in A Heart Broken, we are taken in the aftermath of uncertainty that followed the War. The following two books in the series, A Heart at Home and A Heart Forever Wild, will take us up through my favorite era in American History – the Old West – where Charlotte and Sanderson will rub shoulders with some of the people who made the Old West what it was: wild.

Interview with Sara Barnard!The war is over, Sanderson is home, and life is good – until the Army comes knocking. They have charged him with the murder of his former captor, Lieutenant Lantz. With the help of Jerry Thomas, Sanderson must track down and kill the notorious outlaw William “Bloody Bill” Quantrill- or hang for murder while Charlotte is left to endure a rash of hydrophobia that threatens the countryside- her Sanderson included.

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Sara Barnard, author of the historical fiction series, An Everlasting Heart, has been reading children’s books her whole life. First, she read then as a child then she read them to her four beautiful children! Sara has her Bachelor’s degree in history, has had her work included in numerous anthologies, and has written several other books to date. Sara and her family make their home in the historic hills of Oklahoma along with their three dogs, three cats, and eight chickens.

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