#SampleSunday- A Heart Not Easily Broken- Real Life

A  comment shared by many reviewers of A Heart Not Easily Broken is that the characters lives mimic real life. Ebony and Brian have jobs that are a bit out of the ordinary; she works at a zoo and a veterinarian hospital, while he cuts grass by day and plays with a band at night.  Yet they have the same problems as you and me: money shortages, job stability, problems with co-workers, and the desire to achieve more and the struggle to obtain it. Here’s a peek into a moment that leaves Ebony stressing:


Unfortunately, the last week became one spiraling disaster after another.

First, my part-time job at the exotic animal hospital lost one of its partners. As a result, the remaining partner decided he no longer needed a full staff. Since my job was temporary to earn college credits and pad my resume, I was the first to go.

And there went my additional income for the past two years.

With fall approaching, the amount of seasonal zoo volunteers decreased. The majority were high school and college kids. With public school and college about to be back in session, those available spaces were filled with fresh interns who needed to be trained. At first it seemed like a Godsend. More hours would cover the lost income and cut back on the amount of time spent between two jobs and school.

Until my college adviser informed me I needed more hours of experience working at an animal hospital. In order to have the amount needed to graduate in the spring, I had to find another job doing the same thing…immediately.

And worst of all, my book allowance through my scholarship was short due to budget cuts. I could afford all of my textbooks and supplies, except for one. It would take at least two weeks of paychecks from the zoo for me to afford it.

Thank God I’d been able to pay off my small car note.

I was on break at work, staring at my bank statement, bills, and note pad. No matter how many times I blinked, there was no way to fill the amount of empty spaces in my ledger. It was time to make an executive decision. Ask my parents for a loan or pawn the title of my car to have enough money to buy my book and pad my account for a couple of weeks. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

There was another option. Brian received a signing bonus as a part of his contract with the record label. He planned on putting a majority of it into savings and paying off a few of his debts. He’d asked me if I needed help with anything, and I’d told him no. Man did things change in a few weeks. If I asked him for help he’d do it willingly. But I didn’t want to. I was not his wife and refused to become financially dependent. Period.

For the past seven years, I’d made it on my own. There were times when things had gotten rough, but this wasn’t as bad as some of the others. This was just a setback. I would manage.



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