I agree with this post. It just so happens, I wrote about this subject for an upcoming post on my blog in January. As soon as I was done, I logged onto Facebook and found this link. I appreciate The Black for taking the time to show support like this. His book review has to be one of my favorite, not just because of the rating he gave, but because it was an honest opinion from a man’s POV, so please, check it out. Look for an interview on my blog in the upcoming months to get to know The Black. The man is a very good story teller!


Theblackwriter's Blog

With the ever-growing popularity of electronic reading devices and self-publishing, there are more new published authors breaking out every day. I see this as a good thing. The world can never have enough books. But along with the proliferation of new authors and new books, I’m hearing about a disturbing occurrence that I hope won’t become a trend: Authors trying to sabotage authors with negative reviews.

Why do some authors trash other authors? Why do some authors view writing and selling books as a competition?

I’m not talking about honest reviews of a novel that just wasn’t your cup of tea. None of us likes everything, even by our favorite authors, and that’s okay. We’re all entitled to our opinions. I’m talking about people who write negative reviews strictly out of spite or to limit another author’s success.

This topic has come up a lot lately in my conversations with…

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