Interview with Jamallah Bergman!

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to introduce you to a fellow author from Atlanta, Georgia! I met Jamallah on FB one night when asking questions about her publisher. She was  very helpful and wasted no time answering my questions. She’s recently released a new book, Sorry, Wrong Number. But before I share the excerpt, lets get to know the author!

Okay, how often do you get to pose with your books male cover model????? How cool is that!! You go girl! 
What inspired you to write?
What inspires me to write is basically life and what interest me. If I find a topic that interest me and I know it will make for a great story, I think up my characters and then I go on and start to write.  Either that or someone gives me the idea when I am talking with them or if I see a picture of someone or something, I will think up a story to write about it.
What genre do you write? Did you choose it, or did it choose you?
I mainly write about Interracial Romance dealing with heroines who are what I like to call ‘Big Beautiful Women”. I write about Contemporary as well as Erotica Romance dealing with Interracial couples.
What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?
Well my work schedule usually begins after I get the kid off to school. Once I get home, I figure out which story I will be starting back on. Right now I’m in the midst of writing on two different stories at one time. Which can be stressful BUT for me it isn’t. I take my time with my stories and once the flow is going, it’s rather easy for me to get back into my writing.
What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I tend to put some of my favorite things in my stories. If you notice in most of my stories, certain things  are often repeated.  You will see some of the following:
References to old movies ( I am probably the biggest old movie fanatic I know)
Flowers (I’ve always wanted a man to give me a big bouquet of flowers)
Food ( Who doesn’t love food….especially dessert)
Are you a pantser or plotter?
Oh I can say I am a little of both….I don’t think you can write a good story without a little of both.
Are your stories based on experiences based on someone you know, or are events in your own life reflected in the characters/stories you write? Can you share and example?
Well the best example I can give is actually two of my books, which were my first and second books to be published. “If…Only You Knew” was about a woman, who was a writer, who had been friends with a guy since they were in college. But during the years, she has strong feelings for her friend, even though he’s completely oblivious to the fact that she in love with him. When I was in high school, I had a guy friend, who even though we were real good friends and had helped me get through a rough part of my life. He didn’t know it but I honestly fell in love with him but my problem was I was extremely shy at the time. So I never told him how I felt about and in a way, I think it was for the best. But it did make for a sweet story. “The Lady of Gladstone Manor” is particularly close to my heart though because it deals with acceptance. The woman in the story is scarred due to an accident that happened when she was young. She secludes herself from everybody in town in her family’s home. She is afraid of what other will think of her when they see her face to face and therefore she hides from the world. For most of my life, I hid from the world because I was afraid of what others would think of me when they saw my face. (I’ve had plenty of health issues over the past couple of years but they ended up affecting my face) It was a slow process BUT now I am out and about and I’ve been accepted by so many that it has made me feel good about myself.
MJ: Both books sound like beautiful stories! I love the way writing can help deal with matters that are close to home. 
Do you have any suggestions to help new authors become a better writer? If so, what are they?
Don’t ever let others tell you that you can’t be a writer. If you know you have a gift of writing, then I would go for it and write that story that’s been buzzing around in your head. Write and write until you feel like you can’t write anymore. Also it’s best to go on writer’s sites that will have other writers help critique your work. Also submit some of your work to publishers who deal in the genre that you write about.
Are you self-pubbed, indie pubbed, or traditionally pubbed?
I publish with Secret Cravings Publishing
What are your current projects?
Right now I am working on getting my 5th book “The Biker Next Door” out for next month. I already got my cover which I love. I have another book coming out in March called “The Admission” which I know will really have people talking. I’ve already sent off the 2nd story in “The Wrong Number Series” and I am going to send off another story that will also be part of a series as well. I am also currently working on two stories that I hope to have out next year as well. So yeah…..I’m pretty busy!
 Connect with Jamallah at the following sites:

MJ: This is an interesting blurb and excerpt you’ve sent. Do you mind telling us a little bit about this story?

Jamallah: Have you ever gotten a phone call from a stranger only to find out that they had the wrong number?
It’s a coincidence that happens far too often for people on a daily basis.

My story “Sorry…Wrong Number” goes beyond that and asks the question, “What would happen if the wrong number ends up being something way more unexpected?”

When I got the idea for this story, I said to myself this would make for a really interesting story because honestly it’s something that happens every day as far as getting a wrong number. But then I thought what would happen if the two people started talking and what would happen if the conversations between the two got a tad bit….well….freaky.

Hence “Sorry…Wrong Number” was born!

“Sorry…Wrong Number” is book one of “The Wrong Number Series”.
 All good things have a beginning and with this story, it all begins with a call. Marcie Reynolds thought nothing of grabbing the phone that evening but she never thought that once she answered and heard the amazing voice on the other end that anything would happen, since the fact that the man had the wrong number.

Jonathan Sutton thought he had the right number and after the second time he calls, he couldn’t help but be enthralled after listening to the sweet voice on the other end. Soon he strikes up a conversation with the girl who calls herself ‘Joan’ and quickly sparks fly.

Watch as Marcie and Jonathan make what seems like something as innocent as a phone call into something that neither one of them will never forget.
     “Wonder if he’ll call back?”
     “Why would he want to call me back?”
     “You never know, Marcie, he just might call you back if he thinks you sound cute. Even better, if he sounds as hot as you said he sounds, there’s no telling what will happen/where this will go.”
     How in the hell was she to know that this would happen again? As soon as Marci walked into her apartment that evening after work, the phone rang. Of course, like an idiot, she picked it up. “Hello?”
     “Hello again dear, how was your day?” Marcie thought his voice sounded very inviting even though this was her fourth time hearing it and this time he was calling her “dear.”
     “Hello again, my day was fine and yours?”
     “It was good, thank you,” he said, then sighed.
     This was crazy, she thought, and couldn’t believe she was standing there talking on the phone with this stranger. Marcie took her shoes off and sat down on the couch. “Why are you calling me?”
     “Because you sounded cute and I want to get to know you,” he said.
     Even though he couldn’t see her, Marcie shook her head in response. “For all I know, you could be a serial killer who likes to call up unsuspecting women over the phone. Hell, I don’t even know your name and you act like I’ve known you for years,” she said.
     “Jonathan, my name is Jonathan, and yours?” he asked.
     Marcie was very apprehensive about letting this man know who she was and there was no way in hell she would give him her real name. She had to make something up, so she decided to give him the first name that popped into her head. “Joan, I’m Joan.”
     “Nice talking with you, Joan. Don’t worry, I’m kind of nervous myself. I’ve never done this before, getting to know a perfect stranger over the phone.”
     “Well, this is a first for both of us, then.” Marcie giggled as she sat down on the couch.
     “You have a really cute laugh, Joan.”
     Who the hell was this guy? All this cuteness he kept serving her up. “You must do this often, Jonathan. You are way too cool and calm, talking to me like this.”
     “Well, what would you like to talk about?”
     “Did you ever talk with your friend Frank?” she asked, hearing him laugh this time. It sounded just as good as his voice.


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