Book Review: Second Chances by Delaney Diamond

If your like me, you love the stories Delaney Diamond tells. The heart, the emotion, the attention to details… and let’s not forget about the passion! I’ve had the opportunity to read several of her stories as well as meet her in person, and I have to say, Delaney is really cool people!

I got hooked on the free short story snippets she shared on her blog a few months ago that lead up to SECOND CHANCES, called The Ultimate Merger. There we were introduced to Sabrina, a hard working black woman whose achievements was never fully appreciated in the company she worked for, and Renaldo, an equally hard working Latin hottie who knows how to get what he wants, in work, and in private.  The two of them meet, sparks fly, and an affair begins. Just as it seems its nearly over, secrets come out, are overcome and a happily ever after begins…

Or so we thought.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when Delaney dropped the preview chapter of Second Chances, I was shocked and the nosy side of me had to know what in the world led Sabrina to give up everything she’d gotten when she married Renaldo:  love, passion, security, respect, and appreciation in both her personal life as well as her career. I was not disappointed. The way things ended up happening left me speechless.

There were times when Renaldo rubbed me the wrong way with his reactions, but it was understood because of his upbringing,character, and how passionate he was about his feelings (not talking about the bedroom stuff here). I appreciated the fact Sabrina started finally accepting the things about him and his family and being willing to change in order to save her marriage.

And of course…the love scenes were hot!

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My rating: *****
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Interracial Romance
Heat Level: HOT!!!!
Violence: PG13
Language: PG13

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