Book Review: Entangled Dreams by Carmen DeSousa

First of all, I love the title….it makes me think of the twists and turns a story can take. One minute your happy, the next your sad. Confusion and mistrust, fear and anger are the images that come to my mind when I think of an entangled dream. Not to mention, the shattered image on the cover says it all.

For Alexandra, life used to be a fairy tale..full of the hopes and promises of youth. But sadly, events beyond her control quickly kill the dream, forcing her into a reality where she finds herself trapped in a relationship that is going nowhere, working hard to pay her bills, and unsure of what she should do next.

Until she meets Cameron. Polar opposites, neither of them are able to ignore the instant attraction. When exactly does a ‘good boy’ cross the line? What is it about Alexandra that draws him to her even while his mind is telling him to stay away?

A chance meeting, motorcycle ride, and a icy mixed with alcohol lead to an unexpected encounter that leaves them both wanting more. For Alexandra, it’s realizing her worth; for Cameron, a second chance at finding love.

What could possibly happen to entangle their new found dream?

Gotta read it to find out!

I am a big fan of Carmen’s books, not only because she is a friend, but because she has a masterful way of weaving a tale of suspense and mystery in the guise of romance! You’ll forget what type of story you’re reading until she reminds you with a scene that makes you go, “WHAT???”

If you haven’t read any of Carmen’s books, you don’t know what you’re missing! Mystery, Romance, Suspense, and so much more!

My Rating: *****
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Heat Level: Just the right amount of heat to send your imagination soaring!
Violence: PG13
Language: PG13

Now available in print and eBook formats:

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