Book Review: You Can’t Plan Love, by Synithia Williams

You Can’t Plan Love is the story of Kenyatta Copeland, a woman who has decided to settle and marry a guy she’s comfortable with, despite the fact passion doesn’t exist. Her past dating experiences taught her to believe her only hope for a happy future revolves around being with a man she feels comfortable with. Passion is a luxury she can’t afford.

Then there’s the sexy co-worker she’s been watching for the past few years. There’s always a different woman visiting him at the office, because hey he looks that good. Not to mention he’s her boss. Besides when a guy ignores you like that, he’s not attracted to you, right?

Synithia did a wonderful job setting up the office romance, enough so that for a moment, I wanted to put down my laptop and go back to work in the corporate world and find my own Malcolm Patterson! Just the right amount of steam had my wiping off my Kindle screen every time the two of them were on the same page!

She also did a great job describing the characters state of mind, why they made the decisions they did, and what was holding them both back, or spurring them forward throughout the plot. In fact, the story was so well set up that the ending left me speechless and quickly flipping through my Kindle’s pages to reach the end!

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My rating: *****
Genre: Contemporary Romance, African-American Romance
Heat Level: HOT!!!!
Violence: PG13
Language: PG13

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