Interview with Bernadette Marie!

Today I welcome author Bernadette Marie!

Bernadette has five books that have hit the Best Sellers list on Amazon and iTunes. Here novel, The Executive’s Decision, was a finallist of the CRW’s Award of Excellence, and the winner of the RomCon’s Reader’s Crown Award for 2012. I am so happy that she’s taken time out of her busy schedule to drop by and share her new release, OPPOSITE ATTRACTION!

Every writer has their own story as to why they chose to write. What inspired you? 

First I wanted to be an actress. Somewhere I got the idea that if I wanted to be in a movie I’d just write me one. Well that turned into the love for writing, but around the same time I found the joy of disappearing into a book! Well those books were being made into mini-series an movies. So the great idea came to write books to be turned into movies. Perhaps someday the latter of that dream will come.

You are a wife and mother to Five boys, plus you do martial arts, and you own a publishing company, you wear a lot of hats. What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?  
I’m always writing, so there isn’t a very accurate way to answer this. When I’m in the middle of projects for other authors, often my own work gets put to the side, but I make sure to get a few pages done. Usually those few pages turn into a lot of pages. I’m blessed to work fast. I can weave a story very quickly. And, if I have a deadline, you’d be surprised how quick I write. But, back to the question, I try to write 300 words a day. That’s a very small goal, really, but I feel that if I at least get that much done something got done. Usually it ends up at thousands. I work around my noisy family and always have, since I was twelve. I can work under most distractions. 
 I have a purple amethyst stone that sets on my desk to encourage creativity. Do you have any special rituals you do to get ready to write? 
None. I can just sit down and write. I call it a blessing and a calling. This is what I was meant to do. 
 Are you a pantser or plotter? 
Total pantser! I have an idea in my head and it never ends up that way on paper. Usually, that is for the better. I enjoy seeing where the characters take me. 
 As writers, we often find inspiration from news events, people we know, or even our own life experiences. Do any of your stories reflect parts of your life experiences? Can you share and example?
So much of my writing comes from the strong bonds I have from the family I was born into and the family I created. At first I tried to make sure there was no one who resembled anyone, but now I find the fun in adding people into my characters. As for real life, I’m a big fan of write where you know, or what you know. For example, I write a lot of my stories in Colorado. (My newer stories.) A lot of my daily “little things” end up in books. The looks, smells, colors that surround me. Often food follows me around. Pizza toppings and chicken piccata seem to find their way into many of my books. 
 As a published author with several best sellers under your belt, do you have any advice to share with new writers to motivate them? 
Write, write, write. One book is never going to cut it so don’t stop there. While you’re polishing that book, write another. Puke it out and fix it later. Don’t edit as you go. Get that story out! Then build a readership! Go out there and find “friends” in your life and online communities. This will benefit you when you do have something to promote. 
 Are you self-pubbed, indie pubbed, or traditionally pubbed?
My first books are small press pubbed. And, basically, my newer works (2011 and beyond) are self pubbed since I own the publishing company. 
 What are your current projects? 
Where do I begin? Haha! I have the Keller Family series expanding to seven books, but it might just carry on. This fall will launch my series Aspen Creek. This will be fun because the people can keep changing in the same town. I also have a paranormal series in the works, The Last Good Bye series. So always busy. Not to mention the wonderful authors I have the pleasure of working with to launch their work as well.
**** To celebrate the release of Bernadette Marie’s new release, Opposite Attraction, 5 Prince Publishing is awarding a $10.00 Amazon gift card to one lucky commentor! Good luck! Be sure to leave you email address in order to be contacted if you win! ****
OPPOSITE ATTRACTION, book 3 in the Keller Family Series:

Curtis Keller is a lucky man. He has the love and support of a family like no other. But he’s never fallen in love with a woman. He likes to play the field, have a good time, and enjoyed friends with benefits. But when wild child Simone Pierpont comes into his life for the first time he considers settling down—until she abandons him.
Simone Pierpont fell in love. She hadn’t meant to, but her best friend’s brother-in-law had treated her, the Parisian oil heiress, with more compassion than she’d ever known.  What was she to do? So she left him stranded on a yacht in the French Rivera.
Now, cut off from her father’s fortune, pregnant, and desperate to win Curtis’s heart; Simone must prove to everyone she can hold down a job and take care of herself.  Curtis isn’t sure the spoiled princess can change, but because of his caring nature he has a hard time turning her away.
However, all efforts might be for not when he learns about her pregnancy and she is forced to run back to her father. But Curtis will eventually understand and come for her—or so she hopes.
     Caterers moved about the house and Curtis fixed himself a plate of fruit. He’d be happier in the kitchen he decided. The reception was depressing him.
     When he lifted his head from the platters of food, he saw the reason it depressed him standing right in front of him.
     “Hello, Curtis.” Simone Pierpont’s French accent stabbed right into his heart before he choked on the grape he’d just swallowed whole.
     He coughed until he could breathe. Her eyes never wavered from him and he was sure they had bored a hole right through him.
     “Simone. I didn’t expect you here.”
     She twisted her fingers together and smiled nervously. “I’ve been out of town.”
     Didn’t he know that? He’d tried for the past two months to find her. Even his brother-in-law, Zach, who she claimed was her very dearest friend, hadn’t known where to find her.
     “You’re looking well.” He wasn’t sure what else to say. He’d been dumped by women before, but it had never hurt like this one did. Oh, she’d had him fooled. Yes, he thought there’d been a chance for something real. He’d thought it was love.
     But he had to acknowledge that there were women in the world who appreciated the art of seduction and fast steamy love affairs without stings just as men did. He just never thought he’d be the man who was used and disposed of.
     Damn her anyway, he thought.
     She took a step toward himand then stopped just short of reaching him.Her knuckles were white now and her nervousness wasn’t helping him keep calm.
     Simone bit down on her lip then shifted her blue eyes to his. “I would have called…”
     “Listen,” he set down his plate.“You don’t owe me any explanations. Zach and Regan set us up to share the evening together so we wouldn’t be alone.They didn’t tell us to,” he lowered his voice, “screw like rabbits and run off to your yacht in the French Riviera. So we had a good time. Really, who thought much of it?” He had and he fought his eyes to make sure she didn’t know how much he’d thought of it.
     “Right. It was just sex. I was hoping you would understand that.”
     “Got it.” He picked up his plate. “Well I think I’ll go see how the party is going. See ya‘round.”
     That wasn’t exactly how Simone had hoped that would go. She untangled her fingers realizing they were almost numb now.
     She deserved him to treat her like that. She’d been very forthcoming with him, over too much champagne on her yacht, that she’d bedded many men.Why she felt he needed to know that she wasn’t sure. She’d left out the hefty part of the tale though. Most of those men had been in her bed while she tried to wrap her head around the fact that Zachary Benson had never seen her as more than a sister or dear friend.
     Lucky for her, she loved him the same. She was glad he and Regan had found each other and now had a family. But that hadn’t changed her view on herself. Simone Pierpont longed for what Zach now had. Love, marriage, and a family. One piece didn’t really fit without the other.
     She sucked in a breath. Had she not made such an ass out of herself in front of Curtis and then run off without a word, stranding him on the Rivera to find his own way home, perhaps she’d have just that.
Simone ran her hands over the slim satin line of her dress, lingering only a moment on her jittery stomach.
     Well, she thought, at least she’d have some of what Zach had.

Bernadette Marie has been an avid writer since the early age of 13, when she’d fill notebook after notebook with stories that she’d share with her friends.  Her journey into novel writing started the summer before eighth grade when her father gave her an old typewriter.  At all times of the day and night you would find her on the back porch penning her first work, which she would continue to write for the next 22 years.
In 2007—after marriage, filling her chronic entrepreneurial needs, and having five children—Bernadette began to write seriously with the goal of having her work published.  That year she wrote 12 books.  In 2009,  she was contracted for her first trilogy and the published author was born.  In 2011 she (being the entrepreneur that she is) opened her own publishing house, 5 Prince Publishing, and has released contemporary titles and began the process of taking on other authors in other genres.
In 2012 Bernadette Marie found herself on the worldwide bestsellers lists of iTunes and Amazon to name a few.  Her office wall is lined with colorful PostIt notes with the titles of books she will be releasing in the very near future, with hope that they too will grace the bestsellers lists.
Bernadette spends most of her free time driving her kids to their many events.  She is also an accomplished martial artist who will earn her conditional second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do in October 2012.  She loves to meet readers who enjoy reading contemporary romances and she always promises Happily Ever After.
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