Publishing 101 at the Clayton County Library- Part 2

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As promised, here is the follow up post to the Publishing 101 event that took place at the Clayton County Library. If you missed part one, which focused on self-publishing, follow the link.

After the wealth of information shared by author Cora Lockhart, local authors were given the opportunity to share their work with the public. Tables were set up around the library so that they could introduce themselves to patrons they entered. Here are the authors I had the opportunity to meet.

Childrens Liturature: 

Do Your Best and Forget the Rest
Author/Illustrator: Vincent Wolf
Do Your Best and Forget the Rest inspires children to learn the value of keeping a positive attitude through all of life’s ups and downs. Using just a simple phrase, this book is right for both children and parents. Parents can use this phrase to teach and encourage their children and it is easy for children to understand and remember.
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The Kwanzaa Coloring Book

Author: Steven Thedford
For the millions of people that celebrate Kwanzaa, New World Press, Inc., has published a fanciful book that many parents will find helpful in teaching their children the principles and symbols of this African American holiday. Illustrated by Rachel Mindrup and Rhonda Mathews, the coloring book illustrates the principles in activities through childhood games. Afterwards, many of the symbols of the African American holiday are featured. More importantly, New World Press. Inc, has filled a void; in other words, most major bookstores do not stock coloring books that depict African Americans.


Cashew the Flying Cow
Author: Dwayne Bowen
Cashew is an ambitious and determined cow that stops at nothing to teach himself how to fly. Be on the lookout for Cashew and how he plans on reaching his goal.” Stay tuned for the sequel, Cashew’s Greatest Adventure!


Bowtie Brownlee Goes to School 
Author: Juli-ette Robin Goldston

Robert Brownlee is beginning kindergarten this year at a new school. Today is his first day of school. Robert is known for his signature bow ties and is affectionately known as Bowtie Brownlee. He encounters a little problem when arriving at school to find not many other boys his age are wearing bow ties. In this story Bowtie models how to handle adversity and to feel good about being unique. Bowtie has an eventful day meeting his new teacher and a new friend. This is the first book of Bowtie’s journeys and adventures.

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Author: Olivia J 
Sheridan Mason fights hard and plays dirty. Smart, savvy and independent, Sheridan makes no apologies for her choices. Sheridan is a hero, confidante, rock and best friend to the people she loves. She is fearless and determined. Confident and satisfied. Sheridan Mason doesn’t want or need love. Sheridan is content being an independent woman with a flourishing career. She lives life on her own terms and at twenty-nine years old, she has no intentions of allowing anyone to change that. Sheridan Mason has a secret. A secret that is threatening to overwhelm her. She is afraid, terrified with no one to turn to. Can she be vulnerable with the people who need her to be strong? No. Sheridan Mason will fight this battle alone. Sheridan Mason may have met her match. Michael Wolfe. Handsome, daring and determined to love Sheridan. He awakens Sheridan’s passion and stirs her desires; seduces her mind and ravishes her body. Sheridan wants more of the Wolfe. But can she expect him to stay when he discovers her secret? Does she want him to?

Visit her site to view more titles.

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The Book of Remembrance
Author: Sheila Cone 
What if your bloodline came from a race of supernatural beings, and you didn’t know it? Would you seek to find the answers, or would you let the decay of the village mold your life? These are the questions Rayniann must resolve in The Book of Remembrance, when a stranger arrives in his village and begins to tell him things he can’t quite comprehend. At the moment of the stranger’s arrival he is broken over the death of his mother, but he questions whether her death was accidental or planned. An unexpected betrayal from someone his mother trusted puts Rayniann in the middle of a wild conquest, with the stranger as his guide. As he battles a barrage of dark enemies and his own fears, Rayniann falls in love with a woman whose own brokenness helps him to embrace the truth. He begins to understand that his life comprises of he not only freeing the world of the darkness that consumes it, but freeing his own soul from the misery of mankind’s destruction. Rayniann’s discovery of truth leads him to one single purpose, but will he have the strength to accept the sacrifice?



Skin: A Matter of Race In America 
Author: A.P. Brooks
Race as we know it today. It defines, as well as, divides us. Furrowed deep within the contour lines of our racial perceptions are social nuances we ascribe to every stroke of skin color. We afford to race the power to decide human intelligence, beauty and even moral goodness. We have created a truth or at least, a reality to every shade of skin. Race can affirm or deny. It is a measuring rod, determining who is good or bad and whom we should hate or revere. For almost as long as our inception as a nation, Americans have worn these attitudes like a favored old garment with each generation providing fecund to keep it going. This is not to say that our social biases are insular. On the contrary, ideals like these have existed in societies around the world and throughout history, we find a shared consorter of sorts. One not necessarily connected to skin color, but nonetheless, torn from the same broadcloth and extending from the same thought process. Such ideals have caused great divisiveness; building walls of separation between people within a society and the reasons are as age old as class, religion, and geography—a big fuss over a little piece of land. And history shows us all too well, how one voice ratcheting up fury over one of these ideals can lead to mass violence. Certainly, such social intolerances exist anywhere there is a lack of compassion and understanding. Still, Americans do hold a distinction in this area. To be sure, our use of race based on skin color as a means to hate and discriminate, even more so, as an evolutionary benchmark is a uniquely modern concept.


To: Die Before You Die: The True Story of My Journey Through Life and Mental Illness 
Author: Melvin Ricks
I was born in rural Arkansas, the seventh child of a family of thirteen children, and after enduring an abusive, and poverty-stricken childhood, my family made its way to California where I would graduate from college. I would eventually return to the south and become an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. However, like most of my siblings, I suffer from a mental illness that had long lurked within the shadows of my life, and which I had unknowingly been able to cope with for years. Nevertheless, my illness would eventually overtake me, and destroy everything that I had been able to accomplish, and nearly take my life. I am presently learning to cope with my illness in hopes of returning to my life as an attorney some day. As part of my efforts to understand what I experienced, I began writing about it, and my writings evolved into the book you’re holding. It is my hope that my story will give you a direct insight into my battles with bi-polar and severe depression, and leave you with a better understanding of mental illness, and those afflicted by it. This is my story, and although I have changed the names of a few of the individuals to protect their privacy, it is a true and accurate account of my experiences.

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Dancing in the Rain

Author/Speaker/Poet: Lesley Hudson

Lesley Hudson, a breast cancer survivor, has done an amazing job with her new book titled, Dancing in the Rain. On her journey through the storm she learned to lean on the Lord, focus on her health and inspire others. This inspirational book of poetry is not only for cancer patients, it’s a must read for everyone. The first section is dedicated to all of those diagnosed with breast cancer. She takes you through an emotionally charged journey of her ordeal and she excites the reader with positive messages such as Celebrate Life and The Best is Yet to Come.


Words of Wisdom While Driving Daily
Author: Doretta Gahagan Lester 
Words of Wisdom While Driving Daily is a book of statements to keep individuals focus on frazzled days, emotional roller coasters and control those actions and thoughts with the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT and Gods promises.


Author: Vincent W. Brown
“Smudge” is a book about a young black boy’s struggles to become a man in the painful surrounding of the Bronx and Queens, New York during the 1940’s. It tells a tale of real life: the pitfalls of the street, drugs, alcohol, AIDS and incarcerations, but it also tells of courage, self-determination, and the power of family. The lessons taught in this work of non-fiction are so very relevant today’s society. “Smudge” is a wakeup call for every man, woman and child who want to keep the Grim Reaper from ringing their doorbell.

To purchase a copy, call 678-598-0355.

Taking Back the Woman in Me
Author: GlenNeta M. Griffin
“Taking Back the Woman in Me” is a must read for any woman ready to reinvent her life. Every woman has gone through some type of trial and felt defeated, but women can endure the worst and still come out on top. This book will motivate anyone to take a stand and make the necessary changes to improve a better you. If you’re ready for a change, it starts today with this empowering tool that you’ll want to share. I challenge you to find your passion and push for the stars. Let this book guide you to regaining your power, your strength and your life. Your journey begins now!



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Editor: Adel Brinkley
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Positive Perspectives: A Public Relations Firm and Brand Architecture Firm
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GlenNeta M.Griffin, Certified Life Coach

*Disclaimer: I do not receive any financial gain from sharing this information, nor am I responsible for the products or services offered.* 

Thank you to all of the authors who came out to share their published work with the community, and to Sherry Turner for making this event possible!


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