The Kreative Blogger Award – An Honor of Distinction

 I can’t believe I received a blog award! I am so honored!

When I began this blog two years ago, it was a way to practice writing. I wrote about random stuff, funny events that happened in my life. After a while, I ran out of things to say. When I decided to take my writing career seriously, I delved back into blogging. I realized, not every aspiring author has family, friends, or access to other writers to help keep their dream afloat. Not everyone is able to participate in the big writers conferences, or find a local writers or critique group to guide us in the right direction. Since then, I have made it my goal to blog about my experiences. I hope to help others learn something new, give helpful tips, and offer support to those in need.

For that it seems, I have been given this award.

To Ashley Barron, aka, @dcPriya, the lovely woman who has given me this award, I say, THANK YOU! You say that I “move so fast you have to fasten your seat belt,” lol, I guess it does seem that way, huh? When my characters are in my head, demanding to have their story put on paper, it’s nearly impossible for me to focus on even the minor details of my life. Which of course means the moment my family is out of the house, my laptop is on, and my fingers are burning up the keys! You have no idea how encouraging it is to have someone like you constantly RT my tweets and reply to my FB comments. Thank you so much for your support! I hope to continue to be an encouragement to you and anyone else I am blessed to cross paths with. Everyone, please visit her blog,, and show her some love and support!

Now, there are two requirements in accepting this award. First, I am to share ten things about myself that you, the reader, do not know. Hmm… So let’s see:

10. As a child, I never took the time to sit down and write a story of any kind, not even a diary. Reading was my favorite thing to do.

9. My two biggest followers are my Pit Bulls, Vader and Ivy. No matter where I go, they are there. In fact, I can’t even leave the room without them jumping up to stand in front of me, waiting to discover where we’re about to go. It’s impossible to do though since they are blocking the way!

8. My first writing attempt was in 2005, a Fanfic of the television show, Lost. It was based on a character created to take part in the popular show. That character has since evolved, experienced two name changes, and become the main character of my first novel, A Heart Not Easily Broken, the book I am currently submitting for query.

7. I have read over 50 books in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Yep, I’m a Star Wars nerd. Since diving into my writing career, I haven’t had time to follow the new books in the series.

6. Before writing, I spent a lot of time playing Xbox games with my oldest son. I was known as the ‘coolest mom’, by his friends. Together, we spent two days beating The Return of the King video game.

5. Speaking of games, I am a Sims addict! I have more fun constructing and decorating the houses than playing with the characters. My hubby banned me from that game because it took up time…such as making sure my house was clean. LOL!

4. I am an excellent chair dancer! Put on the right song and I rock! Ask me to stand up and dance, and well, let’s just say I can do the Cha Cha Slide pretty darn well!

3. I dance in my car with the music blasting and my kids providing back up.

2. My father, Warren Kelly, was the first African-American Fire Chief in the state of Georgia. He held that position for nearly three years before his death in 1985.

1. In 2006, I experienced a stroke and spent two weeks in ICU, and nearly died. My right side was paralyzed for nearly a week. I regained control of my body before leaving the hospital and have made a 90% recovery. My life and family to be a blessing, and I do my best to get better at my craft and make them proud. Writing has become a way for me to continue to heal in many ways. My ability to use my imagination to tell stories has fueled my desire to become an author. My experience has also helped me add an extra layer of heart and emotion into the stories I tell.

So, that’s all there is to know! Now for the next part: nominating six talented people who have encouraged me and I hope will do so for you as well.

@Carmen – Romantic Suspense- She has recently published her first book and has been a constant source of encouragement to me in pursuing my publishing dream.

@Minnie – Romantic Suspense – A comment she made about negative feedback from friends about her writing is what got my attention. Since then, I have enjoyed every opportunity to talk to her. She is proof that despite what negativity you face, if you continue to travel your path, you will find success. She did!

@Abigail Tuniviel – -Aspiring Author, Urban fantasy – A great source of fun on Twitter in the morning. She and I have connected as aspiring authors and coffee lovers. She has an ongoing story posted on her blog. I wish my ‘coffee sister’ much success!

@Zee – Romantic Suspense – One of my critique partners. Zee has always had an encouraging word. I love the fact that she can’t wait to read my second book! Her blog is a constant source of character information at just the right time.

@Chicki – Contemporary Women’s Fiction – One of my critique partners. After connecting with her at a local writer’s conference nearly two years ago, Chicki has offered me great advice and encouragement to keep me going. Visit her blog for wonderful advice of an self-published author.

@Manuscript Proofing – – Proof reading services – The name says it all! Always a constant source of encouragement and wonderful services. This is who I use to proof my manuscripts.

Enough said! Congrats to all my nominees! I wish you all continued success!


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One thought on “The Kreative Blogger Award – An Honor of Distinction

  1. MJ!! Thank you so much for your nomination and your kind words!! You have been an inspiration to me as well! I graciously accept your nomination! Now I've got to get to responding on my blog with my nominees!! Can I nominate you again?? 🙂 *HUGS* Baby girl!

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