My Bliss Filled Mother’s Day!

Happy belated Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was wonderfully quiet…rather strange for my household. With four kids (ages 9 to 16), weekends can be rather noisy. But yesterday is was quiet! The kids must have made a pack of some sort to avoid unnecessary arguments. Why can’t they do that EVERYDAY????? Is that too much to ask????? LOL…I guess so.

My day started off with lots of needed, peaceful, blissful, uninterrupted sleep. *sigh*. No knocking on the door to ask what’s for breakfast, even though they all ready know. No tattle telling or yelling. Everyone did their chores without having to be reminded. Pure bliss!

I’d still like seconds!

My cousin made a wonderful dinner last night! Roast, home made collard greens, salad and rice. It was so good I had to go back for seconds! And my daughters (14 and 9) baked a two-layer, double chocolate cake cake, decorated with strawberries and a flower. It was delicious.

The night for me ended with several hours of quiet television watching with my hubby, without kiddie interruptions and much more needed sleep.

Strawberries and chocolate, mmmmmm!

But it’s now Monday morning and time for school. As I write this blog,  I’ve had one whiny request not to go to school. A reminder to please get my glasses fixed and can you bring them to me at school when your done. A don’t forget to pick me up after school rehearsal. And of course an argument as they walk out the door headed for the bus.

Yep, Mother’s Day is officially over. LOL.

So, how was your special day?

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