Alcohol Free Cinco De Mayo (That Sucked!)

Okay, okay, it didn’t actually suck. But a Smirnoff Mango would have been great!

After writing for several hours yesterday (and completing seventeen pages, pushing me to starting chapter fifteen today! YES!), I packed it all up and took my kids to a party. The community where I live held a Cinco De Mayo Festival yesterday and it was a lot of fun!

Children from local elementary schools sang Mexican songs and did the dances. Music played by the DJ set the mood as the crowd mingled across the lawn. Tents were set up to share information about community events and programs Another displayed artwork from local school art clubs. My kids and I had fun decorating home made maracas at the children’s art table.

Another fun feature that was added this year was a ‘water fountain’.  Water shot up in the air and in arches, creating a wonderland for the kids. It was a little chilly yesterday, but did that stop the kids from turning it into a big game? Of course not! I know my kids will be harassing me this summer when it gets hot about going there to cool off. Hey, it’s gonna be free, so why not?

For those of us who had no idea how to Salsa correctly (the dance, not the sauce for your taco!), there was a demonstration. And man did they dance! It immediately brought images of one of my favorite chick flick movies, Dance With Me, staring Vanessa Williams and Cheyenne. Every time I watch that movie I feel the need to get up and shake what my momma gave me. After the dance was done, volunteers were pulled from the audience to learn the basic moves. I would have went, but then who would have took this great photo? Guess I’ll have to practice in the privacy of my bedroom….where nobody will laugh at me. On second thought, the bathroom behind a locked door might work best. LOL!     

And of course, what party would not be complete without a dance contest? The community center where the festival was held gave away a free fourteen-day pass to the community gym if they danced the best. There were a good amount of takers that dwindled down to these too. Once the song, “Doin’ tha Butt” (circa early ’90’s) was played, competition got fierce! LOL. They better be glad I wasn’t participating because I would have won!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay to the end of the festival. Mom duties took over and it was time to come home and feed the family. And what was for dinner? Chicken and shrimp tacos, burritos and salad. I would’ve took a picture of it, but we were too hungry to wait for me to pull out the camera.

How did you spend your Cinco De Mayo?

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