And coming to the stage…..BOBBY BROWN!!!!!!!

In October 2010, the community where I live opened a Town Hall that is going to be the focal point for the community.  It’s wonderful! They offer indoor walking tracks, fitness center, and rooms that can be rented for community events. It’s also a great place to hold town meetings. The center piece of this location is an out door stage where they plan to have free concerts during the spring and summer months. Yep that’s right…this isn’t a typo…FREE!!! They did two concerts during the month of October that were major events. The first concert featured the The 911 Band. They were great! They played cover songs from new and old school R&B artist and had the crown going wild.

The next performer to grace the stage was R&B legend, Miki Howard. She was wonderful as well. She took time to come out into the audience to perform without music when there was technical difficulties and her music stopped playing.

But my personal and all time performer for the night was Bobby Brown. Yep I said it…BOBBY BROWN!!!!!!!

It was off the chain! It has been years since I’ve seen Bobby Brown perform live in concert (when I say years, I mean years because I was 16 the last time I went to his concert. And no I’m NOT telling you my age right now!) Since it was free it was a great opportunity to take my kids to their first concert. My cousin, Sharon, joined us. Now, Sharon knows how big a New Edition/BBD/Bobby Brown fan I am. She was literally laughing her butt off when he was about to come on stage. I had been partying, dancing in my seat with my kids acting like a normal grown up until it was time for his performance. I was cool until the D.J. started to wind down the music he was playing to keep the crowd hyped while the stage was reset for Bobby B. I believe my actual words to her were, and I quote:

“I think your going to have to take the camera. I don’t know if I can be still or not.”

My memory gets a little fuzzy after that. I remember seeing a group of people leave the section where we sat  to get closer to the stage. I must have blacked out or something because before I knew it, I’d grabbed my ten year old son’s hand and flew, leaving my cousin with my two daughters so I could get close to the action.

Yep, I dragged my ten year old son with me. *shakes head* The poor kid.

I guess you wondering, “Why did you drag your son and not your daughters?” The answer is simple…because he’d been badgering me since the concert started wondering when Bobby Brown was going to come to the stage. I just wanted to be sure he got to see him just like I did.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The funny part about all of this is that my children (my oldest opted to stay home with dad that night) who are 13, 10 and 9, knew nothing about Bobby Brown.  When I found out  he would be performing at a free event  for families to attend, I asked them if they would like to go. They said, “Bobby Brown, who’s that?” (Seriously, with all the mess that’s been in the news about Bobby and Whitney, you’d think they’d have a clue! But then again, they are kids. If it’s not Sponge Bob or Pokemon, who cares!) Fortunately they had my old VHS tapes from my younger days and had seen the ‘old school’ videos of Every Little Step I Take and My Prerogative. When I named the video’s their response was, “Oh yeah. Cool.”

I suddenly felt old. *sigh*

But, my son was with me all the way. He’d been getting more and more impatient when he realized we had to sit through other acts until it was time for Bobby to come on stage. The entire time it was, “I wanna see Bobby Brown!” And when he did, he had a good time.

I have to give props and much thanks to the mayor or Clayton County and the people who spent so much time and hard work into providing a wonderful form of free entertainment for the city of Riverdale, Ga. My family looks forward to the upcoming events of this spring and summer. Bring back Bobby Again!!!!!!

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