Too Much To Do….So Little Time!

I have too much to do and little time to do it. Or so it seems. In the end it’s all a matter of what needs to be done and if you really feel like doing it!

Yesterday I spent three hours cleaning around my house and yet I look around today and I swear it doesn’t look like anything got done! Why is that? Could it be the fact that there are seven people living here? Maybe. Personally I thinks it’s because all the places that got that ‘special attention’ were the places in the house where most people tend to not look at. You know, the corners where even though there’s no visible spiders webs ‘magically’ appear… hair that has gathered on the back porch when they’ve been sent outside. You know, stuff that if your like me (so putting myself out here!)  you tend to get wrapped up in other activities and just look right over it like it doesn’t exist. *shakes head in shame*.

It felt good to finally put on my x-ray glasses yesterday and suddenly see all the stuff I’ve missed in my daily cleaning routine. Guess that means I need to start wearing x-ray gargles and officially graduate to the ‘big boy’ headphones like I did and go with the music everyday!

Now the plus side to getting stuff done around the house is this: 1) so that when I sit down to write I don’t get the evil eye, and  2) I’ve managed to story board three scenes in my head! Now to get it all done on paper……

Kinda makes cleaning the house seem like fun, huh?

One thought on “Too Much To Do….So Little Time!

  1. There are six of us here, and I have the same issue. It's like fighting a losing battle …You're lucky you can storyboard in your head when you're cleaning. When I'm cleaning, all I can think of is what I'd like to do to the people who made the mess!

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