Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

The sky is blue, the weather not so hot and humid, all is right in the world….or NOT!

I thought my day was starting off wonderfully. I had pleasant dreams, woke up with a wonderful way to write a scene I plan to write today…and then I rolled over and look! My unwanted Aunt Mary had left me a present…..(you gals know what I mean!) Sigh.

Next, time to wake up the kids and let the dogs out. Okay everything is now back on track, back to normal. I’m driving along, taking my cousin to work, working out the finer points of the scene I woke up thinking about, dying to get back to the house and my notebook so I can write it all down. Must catalog these precious thoughts before they get lost in other daily activities. Pull up to the house, I’m now running late and can’t walk the kids to school and will need to drive. Cool, no problem, blow the horn and yell, “Come on, let’s get this train moving!” Out come two excited kids because, hey, we don’t have to walk a mile this morning! Two doors slam…..and the car dies. Why????? I’m out of gas! And the *&@# gas light didn’t even come on! Double sigh.

So now, we go on foot, two disgruntled kids, a cramping momma and a gas can. Thank god for small favors and there’s a gas station across the street from my subdivision. So, I walk the kids to school, play Frogger with the traffic that should already be going slow because it’s a school zone and the slow down light is flashing (apparently NOBODY here pays it any attention…where’s the darn cops when you need them???? Krispy Kreme???? Guess the light must have been on!) Mission accomplished, I now have two gallons of gas to lug a mile home. Triple sigh.

So now I’m home, the scene has pretty much been perfected after thinking about it constantly for for the past 3 1/2 hours. Now it’s time to write and the only thing I want to do is find the aspirin and lay down and take a nap. Quadruple sigh.

Guess I’ll get that scene down on paper sometime today!

2 thoughts on “Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

  1. Oh dear! You had quite a morning! I hate the 'present' too, I actually keep a calendar with reminders just for it, so I'm not surprised. Sure beats the wind out of your sails, this one. Huge hugs, girlie. Hang in there

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