Typing with one eye open….

Today I am typing with one eye open so I hope I don’t misspell anything and that my words make sense.

I can’t believe  today is just Tuesday and I’m already exhausted, you’d think I would have gotten enough rest over the weekend from not having to walk the kids to and from school. But wouldn’t you know it, after a week of crazy attempts to sit down and get focused on writing during the week (and failing misurably!), I awoke Sunday morning with a scene playing in my head. So what did I do? Stayed held up in my room from sunrise to sunset and wrote….

Imagine my surprise to realize when I finished that I had written nine pages of a scene that I have completely fallen in love with! The funny part is, it’s not a scene from the The Healing Hearts Series that I’m working on, but a scene from a book that I’m piecing together that is a  romantic comedy as well as my attempt to write in first person instead of third. It’s funny because I have no idea what my main character is going to look like, but I do know her name and what her goal is….and apparently on Sunday she decided to introduce herself to me in a way that was not only funny, but helped me get to know her a little more. Now if I could just get her to tell me what she looks like!

I already know this book will be different from the other three I’ve written because this character seems to come to me only in my dreams. My other character’s stories came to me by planing and a little daydreaming, much simpler than the new story. The concept for this story came in a dream in May and the first part of chapter one that I’ve written starts with a dream sequence. No matter how hard I try to picture my main character or what she’s going to do next, I’m blocked. Guess I gotta wait for her to decide and see me in my dreams before I can continue.

So until then, I’m back to waiting for the re-writes to start on The Healing Heart and will begin editing Jaded Heart….

Maybe if I go to sleep early enough, Devon Malone will find me in my dreams and tell me what she wants to do next!

One thought on “Typing with one eye open….

  1. I love it! Jessica always talks about her characters revealing themselves and it fascinates me because I write non-fiction. If someone other than myself began speaking to me, I would probably freak out!

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